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Thread: How to connect deeply with anyone (in 5 minutes)!!!!!!!!

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    Spoiler: answers
    The cube is a transparent, small, hard cube made of glass. You can see things in it, like visions, if you shine a light through it. About the size of my hand.

    The ladder is lying flat next to it. Wooden, short, sturdy.

    The horse is brown, common but untamed. It's standing peacefully eating the flowers, which cover the ground under him. They're yellow and dancing in the wind.

    The storm is far in the distance and moving away, to the right.
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    Heh. We've been here years now.

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    Spoiler: this took me longer than 5 mins

    It's large. It's about the size of a two story building. It's made out of some sort of material I've never seen before. It sort of looks like metal, but then parts of it shift in and out of transparency - sort of like colors shift in a bubble. When it's not transparent it's grayish and has a slight sheen. It seems to be coming out of a sand dune. I'm not sure if it's been there so long that the dune formed around it or if it was deliberately put there.

    The ladder is inside of the cube. It looks like it's suspended from the top and goes about halfway down. I can't make out what it's made of with the shifting transparency of the cube and all. I just see the outline of it. I'm wondering if there might be. I wonder if there's a floor there that I just can't see.

    The horse is black with a white spot on it's head, and three white feet. It has a bridle on, but no saddle. It's tied to a post outside the cube on the right.

    The flowers are purple and are on some sort of cactus. The flowers are to the left of the cube. There are two flowers on the cactus. The flowers remind me of insects.

    It's a sandstorm off in the distance. It looks like it might be heading this way. The horse seems spooked, but the wind changes direction and it heads off to the right.

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    Spoiler: Approve of me!
    The cube:

    Its on the ground in the middle of the desert.

    The ladder:
    Green, wooden, six foot, resting upright on the side of the cube.

    The horse:
    Its over to the right. Its just standing there. Its a healthy, fit, generic brown horse.

    There are three clumped daffodils. They're separate again by a few meters from the horse and the cube (white space is important). They're also just sitting there.

    Its a big electrical cumulonimbus-esque storm on the horizon. Its sunny where we are. We're aware of it. We don't know which direction its headed.

    PS: Spoilers are totally unnecessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACow View Post
    PS: Spoilers are totally unnecessary.
    Oh, thanks for your wisdom. Don't I feel silly now.

    I wanted to discourage new writers from allowing themselves to be influenced by previous responses, because that would defeat the (ostensible) point of the exercise. but more importantly, spoilers add to the 'dramatic effect' and click bait theme.

    (so yeah, if anyone new responds to the op, please use spoilers. They're fun.)

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    I haven't played this game before so it should be interesting!!!!!

    The cube is beautiful and smart, and has two degrees and can probably build a deck if it wants to

    The cube supports thirty different ladders, all of varying but fairly high beauty and strength and loyalty. tthe ladders are loyal

    The flowers are all dead. their blood seeps into the sand and disappears quickly

    The horse is spooning the shit out of the cube. The horse is handsome and virile and is full of strong sperm

    There is no storm. the cube repels it
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    my cube is tiny, made out of organic material, and seems cursed to perpetually tumble across the sand dunes blown by the steady gusts of a mysterious wind. the cube seems to be growing, ever so steadily as time elapses... but not without it's edges being slowly worn away... a horse is calmly trotting beside it, her hair hasn't been brushed nor has she had her teeth or hooves professionally treated, because she's a feral beautiful animal. her eyes are discerning and glowing with affection and compassion. she's the only one who notices a flower sprout up, a bird of paradise aiming it's beak toward the sun; she ignores it and looks at me.

    i continue bouncing along in the wind too preoccupied to comment. too preoccupied to comment i smile a farewell toward the flower. and eventually my edges are worn away until i've grown to become a giant sphere. the wind gust sees it's reflection in me and apologizes. the horse sees it's reflection and is over come by its natural beauty and trots away to enjoy it. the ladder, contently buried in the sand miles and miles away, offers up some company. i take out a favor with the wind. the ladder is moved next to me. we make friends with the sand and wither away into eternity...

    but then the sun begins to temporarily overheat, the horse fries and dies and with it the bird of paradise, the sphere calls on the wind for help. it lifts sphere off the ground with it's ladder friend until the surface cools down... the deserts is transformed into a sea of glass. but the sphere starts uncontrollably rolling, picking up speed, accidentally smashing the ladder, forgetting to thank wind, and it starts rolling so fast around the earth that it's only moving through space, and time completely stops... sphere wishes for death or its equivalent.
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    Oh goodie. One of these.

    The cube is about as tall as I am, floating a few feet off the ground, and made of chrome-reflective metal. I see myself and what lies behind me (a flat, featureless desert stretching onto the horizon) in clear reflection.

    I can only see the ladder a bit, as it rests leaning against the surface of the cube, on the face pointing away from me. So, I can only see the bottom bit of it, floating off the ground as the cube is. It is a tad curious, but the nonsense of the place quashes any interest in examining it further.

    The horse only exists in the reflection I see of myself in the cube. The horse was just whatever generic stock horse image my mind conjured up. So, in this case, brown and unremarkable. It was disinterestedly milling about off the the left side of my reflection in the cube. Facing the cube generally, but not interested in me or anything else in the environment.

    Flowers? When I read this my "wtf" factor was starting to overtake the imagination experiment. Anyhow, a single dead, withered daisy-like spig immediately before me. Disliking the out-of-place of that in this setting, I reflexively imagined stomping it out, burying it beneath the sand like "you don't belong here". I suppose it got the sum total of my "wtf" accrued up to this point, ha.

    Storm? Faint stormclouds on the far, far horizon line behind me, as seen in the cube's reflection. No evident or imminent threat or other effect whatsoever.

    Curious at this point, my imagination naturally turned around, and saw neither the horse nor the stormcloud actually behind me. Disinterested in this whole thing, I shrug and imagine myself back where I was to begin with. I have no time for abstract deserts where nonsensical things happen. Back to my paracosm.

    Once returned to my paracosm, I conjure a bubbled re-instance of that setting and begin examining it. Poking at questions I had but kept getting distracted by with the nonsense facets posed. Such as: what is the light source, what is the sand made of? Does anything rest beneath it? What are the rules of gravity and kinesis here? Is this a planet, a plane, or dreamscape? What causes the cube to hover? What principles govern this milieu? By what manner did I arrive there, and for what purpose? Etc, etc, etc.
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    Bored, taking it srsly, etc.

    The cube is tiny and dark. It has arcane designs on it. I mock it by comparing it to the allspark. It is almost buried in the sand. Bits of sand fall into it when you walk near it or the wind blows.

    The ladder leads down into the cube. It seems too small for a person but somehow when you go up to use it, everything works out.

    The horse is strong and wild. It roams the desert but is always within eyesite of the cube.

    There is a meadow of flowers on the hills near the horizon. They are far away and I cannot make out individual flowers. I know they are too far away to smell them but when I breathe deeply I think maybe I can.

    The storm is thunderous and intimidating. It destorys flowers in the meadow by the thousands. It will bury the cube and threaten the horse. Thats ok though, the cube has been buried before and the horse has seen many storms.
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    Spoiler: .
    The cube is about 1.5 metres wide, made of blocks of polished black marble, maybe 15 x 15 x 15. The grooves between the blocks are like a bright glassy red. There are veins in the blocks that are the same glassy red geometric patterns like circuits, intricate patterns that seem to pulse maroon.

    The ladder is metal, sleek, rounded edges. It is recessed into the back face of the cube, almost seems to be free-standing, leading to the top.

    The horse is white. It's about 50 metres away looking at the cube, head slightly down, quite still.

    The flowers are at the other side of the cube from the horse. They are bright blue, with dark stems, about knee high, large sloping flowers. The flowers form a disciplined triangle with a hollow in the middle.

    The storm is a rainstorm, lightning, bright flashes with a dark constrast. It's approaching the cube. The rain wets the cube, the ground, the mane of the horse. Lightning strikes the cube. It opens ...

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    I want you to imagine a desert, stretching out as far as your eyes can see. In this desert is a cube.

    Your first task is to describe the cube. What does it look like? How large is it? What is it made of? Where exactly is it?

    There are no right answers here, only your answers. Take a moment before you continue – the detail is important.
    3/4 miles away. Hard to judge size but not particularly huge as desert cubes go. About 1-1/2 stories high.

    As you look at the desert and your cube, you notice there is also a ladder. Your second task (there are just five) is to describe the ladder. What is it made of? How big is it? Where is it, in relation to the cube?
    Flat on the ground next to the cube, just long enough to reach the top of the cube. Fiberglass, though if I were painting a picture I'd make it wood. Aluminum would get too hot and wood is rare for ladders these days.

    Now imagine that in the scene there is a horse. (Yes, horse. I didn’t say this desert made sense). Your third task: describe the horse. Most importantly: where is the horse, and what is it doing? Where, if anywhere, is it going?
    The horse is near a man who's near the cube and ladder.

    We’re nearly there now. In the scene before you are flowers. Your penultimate task: describe the flowers. How many are there? What do they look like? Where are they, in relation to the horse, cube, ladder and sand?
    The flowers are far from the horse, cube, and ladder. They're like a block away from me. About 10 of them near some cacti.

    Final question. In the desert there is a storm. Describe the storm. What type of storm is it? Is it near, or far? What direction is it headed? Does it affect the horse, flowers, cube or ladder?
    A small storm, a little lightening, farther than the cube, a few dark clouds, doesn't affect anything.
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