Movie Editing Projects I would do if I had a bunch of fancy editing software, a really nice computer, and ample free time:

Unlike many other imaginary projects, I think that I actually would work on these if the above conditions were met.

1: Sabrina
The classic is nearly perfect as-is, and the remake a tragedy. That said, Humphrey Bogart as the romantic lead? He is old and tired and sad. Zero chemistry with Audrey Hepburn. Harrison Ford, on the other hand, manages to be both gruff and utterly charming. I would edit him into the original version in place of Bogart. Possible? Let's just say yes.

2: Dark City
The beginning of this movie is so good. Pitch perfect neo-noir. The sci fi aspect isn't bad in itself, but it ruins the mood. Not just the mood but the color scheme. :/ I would edit out most of the scenes of the Strangers and replace them with something more mysterious and creepy. No showing. No telling. Keep the ending.

3: The Number 23
This movie is actually quite suspenseful and well-acted for the first two thirds. The last third tries to tie up the plot and just ruins everything. I wouldn't even try to make anything make sense; find a good moment to stop and just stop.