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Thread: Science Saved My Soul

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    Science Saved My Soul

    I didn't watch the last three minutes. But everything before it was awesome and perfectly articulates my views on religion and the sense of awe I have about the universe. I know someone here would like it, too.

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    Yup +1

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    We are star dust. I was raised Christian and it took me a long time to first reject those notions, try to understand the universe without the concept of God, and then to learn to accept life without those old, familiar, comforting stories. The scales of the universe are so inhuman that it's easy to get tunnel vision and forget how impossibly tiny our planet is. But once you imagine it, and you start to embrace that cold yet beautiful reality, the question - at least for me - becomes what to do? Does it matter? I think that even if you are not capable of imagining how life might evolve to match those immense scales, or that life might one day outlast the predicted heat-death of the universe, then you at least have to allow for the possibility that we could evolve beyond a single planet. And then, if you accept at least that possibility, the question becomes: How might I structure my own life to best drive life on earth toward that goal? Baby steps.

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    Another member previously posted this in the not-to distant past , but certainly worth an encore.

    My first passion was astronomy that was quickly followed by a long-lived romance with Darwinian Evolution. I spent my Stand by Me youth being the one to turn on kids (my peers) to the 'Astronomical', while too trying my own hand at puzzling out why nature would have given survival favor to this & that odd behavior or physical characteristic.

    Thus by the time of my late teens when Saint Sagan started beaming his Cathode Ray Tube illumination upon my path telling me that I was kindred to every other thing that creepethed upon the Earth...
    Or that I had the universal nobility of being "Star Stuff"
    and that I was a way for the universe to know itself....

    Well, he was decidedly preaching to the choir that was eagerly reaching for the hymnal.
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