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Thread: What Are You Drinking Right Now?

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    it hasn't started yet but i have faith that it will or at least that's what my body is softly saying to me

    so softly... the quietest voice...

    i gotta remember to try out different period teas cuz boredom and i like talking about this

    i could even make a period teas reviews thread just for an excuse to talk about this more
    the clouds in the sky caress my mind so tenderly

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    Earlier I had some O'maras Irish Cream (similar to Bailey's), and later went out to pick up some Warsteiner in a mini-keg so I could reuse the keg (which costs $17 by itself on Amazon) for beer projects (currently I have a very unusual "root beer" with a ton of other stuff kind of like a mulled beer, including an addition of mugwort, heather tips, and goji berry) and picked up a strange clearance price of "buy two bottles for $10 which included such things as Saint Bernadus Christmas Ale, STROH JAGERTEE LIQUEUR (usually around $20 and is similar to Jagermeister,)
    Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine which usually goes for $30, and something called Wolfberger - Amer Fleur Joie which also goes for around $20-30 and apparently is added to flavor beer (it's smell reminds me of grog as well as a particular vermuth though with a sweeter palette)?

    The keg was $27 and the total came out to about $50.

    In the past I have gone to the place (I might go about once or twice a year, though recently it's been about 3-4 years since I've stepped foot in the place, in part because I started brewing beer and haven't bothered much to check it out, even though it's a pretty cool place with tons of uncommon wines (perhaps wines that "fancier places" might not carry due to being very uncommon grape varieties, but even the more well know burgundy region wines are somewhat out of reach for most to consider) and would pick up a bottle on clearance. I'll admit that I am somewhat surprised by what I find.

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