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Thread: Thoughts on Life, the Universe, and Consciousness - The Ghost in the Machine

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    About EVP or paranormal observation

    It’s a manner or process, and contrary to the assumption that “it can’t be measured,” you would first have to isolate the phenomenon and rule out the possibility of interference from the environment or tampering.

    Introduction to the Scientific Method (

    In that article, it states, “Another common mistake arises from the failure to *estimate* *quantitatively *systematic errors (and all errors). There are many examples of discoveries which were missed by experimenters whose data contained a new phenomenon, but who explained it away as a systematic background. Conversely, there are many examples of alleged "new discoveries" which later proved to be due to systematic errors not accounted for by the "discoverers."”
    It’s one thing to do an experiment when you know what to look for, but it’s another when it’s difficult to determine how evidence for paranormal occurrences are believed to exist (without explaining them away as aberrations caused by lack of insight into what is happening or as interference.) It’s far too easy for people to want to discount something only because they refuse to believe it is occurring. If the phenomenon occurred parasitically on the ambient atmospheric energies, would a scientist come across such a phenomenon and recognize it for what it is, or would they simply replicate the experiment not knowing what was causing interference until they got the desired results (sans ghost who gave up trying to communicate?)

    Perhaps if a scientist boxed himself inside a giant Faraday cage and died after closing access to the giant box, and determined to set up an experiment in which he tinkered with the measuring devices; would people still accept results or would they explain it away as some static buildup from an isolated environment?
    Would it be similar to a Schrodinger’s Cat experiment where one would have to physically observe the phenomenon taking place for it to exist; or would that be like the tree collapsing in the forest which doesn’t make a sound if you aren’t there to observe it and hear it?

    Schrödinger's cat: The favorite, misunderstood pet of quantum mechanics (

    Might as well use this when arguing.
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    Why the resurgence of supernatural/paranormal themes in modern entertainment?

    A lot of modern movies are based on the Marvel comics as well as Star Wars (which is based on the author Joseph Campbell’s ideas and delves a lot into occultism and mythologies, such as the Djedi, based on supposedly mythological Egyptian Magicians.) When considering the shift from the 1960’s films, you could argue that scientific research into the ‘Space Age’ futuristic settings, as well as studies into occultism from the hippy movement and music entertainment drug use, gave a certain intrigue into mysticism. Tolkien’s books were popular and people were looking for a “Super Hero” to escape the listless dissatisfaction of uncertainty, where it’s far easier believing one has control and knows where we are heading (like some “coming of age”) when the peace and calm following major world events gave rise to escapism and a fixed timeline of where society is heading. People often sought out new ‘identifiers.’

    Even life imitated “art” such as Jack Parsons of JPL/NASA rocket science who was into Theosophy and occultism, just as Hitler’s Thule society and the upper ranks of the Nazi’s were into occultism (partly for propaganda purposes,) and society was just getting out of a time when the “unknown” was less defined and open-ended, and people were trying to make sense of things. Technology gave people a way of justifying ancient occult thinkings, and as Arthur C. Clarke would say, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

    Since society was still based on “novel thinking” and people were still questioning institutional thinking, fewer restrictions were placed on what people openly considered within government and religious institutions. Delving into such ideas became less controversial, and in an earlier time cults like Heaven’s Gate, Scientology, or the People’s Temple (Jim Jones used the lure of religion to justify a fascist-totalitarian, megalomaniac wet dream,) or any number of groups wouldn’t exist. People came out of restrictive environments and had a greater proliferation of inexpensive book publications. It was much easier to get access to ideas that were popular in book/magazine form, which has since proliferated in increasingly more cgi based methods to explore the ideas.

    Consider why Stanley Kubrick delayed the production of the movie script for A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and the reasons were simply because of improvements in technical capability. A lot of the movies made now wouldn’t have been as compelling, and one could say it’s a matter of perspective as to whether entertainment has been any less paranormal. Ancient texts are filled with supernatural elements which are what inspired Tolkein to write what he did, and the idea of divination and “summoning” is made in reference to Solomon’s Temple in pseudepigrapha texts .

    Society goes through various stages where ambiguity is more tolerated, and ideas are explored more freely (and a significant record of antiquity has been destroyed over time with the likes of the burning of Library of Alexandria, or the censorship of celtic/”Pagan” literature, or the silencing of entire civilizations (Mayan, Aztecs, Native Americans, etc.) whose ideas were verboten to the new rulers.

    In video games, I suspect a lot of them are trying to educate people on ideas that are considered taboo somewhat, as I’ve noticed in ‘Deus Ex Human Revolution’ some “Easter Eggs” with Amanita muscaria mushrooms which I thought was REALLY ODD, and I’m certain it wasn’t promoting what are considered recreational drugs. . . In fact, it was more likely taking the idea from Genesis (as well as Babylonian literature. . . an Ishtar reference) in the Bible where both the ‘Tree of Life’ and “knowledge of good and evil” as derived from the “apple” and the serpent reference (which I’m not going to argue whether it’s ‘Satan’ or a so-called Devil as it could be a title used by the church to keep people from questioning the occult meaning of the text) because that was the aspect of where technology is getting into and how it can change the course of human relations. Transhumanism is also explored in ‘Talos Principle,’ and it gets to be very deep philosophically as the game progresses, where it’s assumed that by not ascending the tower you then allow for the simulation to enslave you; by being able to escape the mental prison (sort of a ‘Plato’s Cave’ reference,) you can then be responsible for your own self (rather than to be controlled by something or someone that cannot ultimately be considered altruistic if it is only preventing you from truly understanding the moral concept of self-liberation; thus ridding society of auto-determination.)

    And truthfully, society is and always was controlled by occult themes, and occult beliefs, which is why over the course of history you will find evidence of certain movements and identities that were determined to collaborate based on their own self-interest. Was society suppressing beliefs of paranormal because it was real or because it delved into what inspired our modern institutions? Governments afterall are the byproduct of religious beliefs that were designed to try and understand the nature of reality (and that desire to understand human nature and the natural world is what compelled people to use it to control and enslave people.) As religious institutions became TV spectacles so did marketing and “entertainment” begin to incorporate what appealed to people and kept their attention.

    Modern shows like Stranger Things are just reexploring the ideas of 1980’s entertainment which were largely influenced by Stephen King books, but also as I was mentioning with regards to the “unknown” and where science was headed, people were wanting a means of defining things that are undefinable, or which people would hope to have a means of controlling and understanding the direction society is taking.

    And no matter what people would like to think, stuff from the ancient world has not gone away to this very day. . .

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    EVP thoughts and commonality with known physics hypothesis

    I’m reminded of this Do atoms going through a double slit ‘know’ if they are being observed? – Physics World.

    Is a human observer/proxy required to manifest the EVP and other paranormal phenomenon? So if Marcello Bacci steps out of a room the radio with contact to the deceased relatives are gone, but if he returns and the phenomenon returns then he is somehow acting as a median of sorts?

    If two people held different microphone recorders adjacent to one another neither of which hears anything prior to the recording and only one of the microphones detects an anomaly caused by how one person’s nervous system interacted on that specific device, what if the person that didn’t record anything is more convinced by EVP than the one that recorded/experienced it?

    Then a levitating human then defies physics as has been recorded throughout the years ( Most Outstanding Case of Levitation in History, Witnessed by Multitudes: Expert Discusses ) including those claimed by Buddhist monks, but if the observer experience observing the anomaly then experience observing that phenomenon is considered a group-shared psychosis?

    It essentially sounds like a panpsychism holographic projection, if it was somehow “existing” but “not existing.” Alternatively when considering materialism being contingent on a nonmaterialist framework, by allowing for observer phenomenon to manipulate matter (such as would hypothetically exist for telekinesis or some noncorporeal phenomenon manifesting) is the idea of it being dependent on biostatic feedback.


    Different iteration

    Credible evidence? Is the onus at this point to question human psychology and its tendency to believe the zeitgeist of it’s chosen identity? Why not claim those professing evidence are Witches that have caste demons at the “experts” and burn them as heretics; or am I confusing the sane ones with those who have somehow materialized evidence that likewise doesn’t exist?

    Personally I think it’s very apparent that evidence abounds but few people have the intent to actually rebuff claims of evidence. I’ll just post some sample clips to see whether these are somehow disproven as you most clearly attest; rather than acknowledging the real truth of the matter, in which we don’t have what is considered a testable hypothesis, other than to acknowledge the existence of a phenomenon that has yet to be explained?

    Recorded in Texas

    damn that what mean - furneaux 010305.mp3
    not giving anything with government what happening - furneaux 010705.mp3
    ask how old are you - re we dont know - i am under 20 - we dont know - furneaux 010705.mp3
    im not worried-charlie chaplin -cont .mp3 (one of the more significant recordings

    These were recorded in Indiana

    -awesome- homer among fellowship - thats the after hour.mp3
    I dare ya.mp3
    I have no idea whose the messiah.mp3
    I would be meaning to others RIGHT.mp3

    Throughout several moments it’s clear that these EVP appear to indicate communication between entities, and they refer to themselves as entities. In this next one I am commenting on a Dr. Pepper can that was engraved on a tombstone and this was the response. ( im a weird entity - some things look good.mp3 )

    One gave some insight into the phenomenon ( any time they link you have to go on - 011505.mp3 )

    As for UFO tell me what this Rorschach test reveals? (download by clicking the bottom arrow on top left and zoom in.)

    Triangle UFO Ryan Mathew Parr MUFON 100393 dated 05162019.gif

    Orb movement dissappearance.gif

    Cameras, as well as recording devices, routinely recognize anomalies that would not be seen by the human eye simply because they are outside the spectrum of what the human eye and ears are able to recognize, especially if the “auditory” EVP phenomenon is demonstrated without an actual piezoelectric diaphragm such as exists for microphones, and when EVP does often show up it tends to register outside the normal vocal range (this might be inaccurate) implying it is occurring and is undetectable by the observer (which is why when I used studio monitoring headphones and spent extensive time distinguishing actual recorded EVP, it comes as no surprise that I wouldn’t have heard an aberrant sound I was unaware may have existed even if it was audible to me.) The most evident EVP recordings (one of them has my recorded voice and a very distinct British accent EVP is recorded damn that what mean - furneaux 010305.mp3 which would have probably been one of the original people buried in the cemetery who emigrated to the US,) and I was completely unaware it was even present when I was recording it.
    Full-spectrum cameras can be utilized by removing/modding the usual filter of the image sensor, and when I have photographed anomalies I’m aware that user error can take place, but it becomes apparent that you can take a sequence of photos and in only one photo will anything very apparent show up (which is where this photo was taken (025_22.JPG ) following this one (Iron Maiden Drexel Hall 024_21.JPG )

    Some audio recording devices (like the Sony ICD-BM1) have audio file formats (MSV) that were practically obsolete as soon as they produced the recorder, and are rather difficult to mess with, so I assume that substantiates some idea of it being original to the locale that I recorded it.

    I had the same skepticism as you which was 15 years ago—and I could perhaps try with newer equipment to see if something has changed with results (as I’ve not found any ghosts with the usual places that I’ve taken photos, and perhaps it has something to do with why certain locations are particularly appealing for people to investigate.)


    Static electricity and paranormal phenomenon?

    I would argue that the ghost phenomenon interacts through proxy of an underlying energy source, and does not interact as would a biological organism (which energy exists via mitochondria and metabolic processes.)

    Perhaps just as a radio picks up energy from the atmosphere which is attuned to a certain frequency for “transmission,” perhaps such a phenomenon relies upon an observer/proxy that then has a better chance of relaying a transmission such as through contact of a recorder (and the Sony ICD-BM1 recorder I used to some success has an aluminum body.)

    Take this idea, that consciousness affects matter, and perhaps if a fractal could explain a microcosm and macrocosm of all life in the universe, perhaps we are tied to particles we do not see because they are not within our spectrum of observation, nor can we comprehend that we observe them on a tangible level?

    If our brains are a “more powerful than all computers combined in existence” and could thus interact in ways with our surroundings, perhaps the biological processes of a living organism and it’s nervous system likewise can be a proxy for a “quantum entanglement?"

    Physicists prove Einstein's 'spooky' quantum entanglement

    You know how when old TV antennas had a signal disrupted by walking in front of it, or if you ever placed your finger on a microphone port or an auxiliary input of an audio device it would sometimes pick up a radio station because your body transmits that frequency into the device. Similarly, we have electromagnetic interference from physical proximity even without making contact.

    Consciousness does not confine itself purely to physical matter [5]and pervades the universe, and may comprise elements we can’t even fully comprehend which would explain why out of body experiencers seem to describe events and details they could not possibly know about. If certain cases of reincarnation are genuine (I’ve posted recently on the topic though not specifically with that title in the question) it would corroborate the OBE claims.

    I’ve suspected that certain people might have a more active biostatic element to their metabolism which could explain a commonality of those claiming paranormal experiences, and maybe they attract such phenomenon, though I can’t be sure that electrical aspects are connected per se; however I do recall claims of TV’s that happened to be turned off when photographed, and they were the old cathode ray tubes that often had a ton of static electricity in them (which much like old PC boxes could have lethal static buildup which is why people wore grounding wires to their wrists when working on them,) which apparently had manifest as an apparition of something. . . (check the two links. I’m not saying these are 100% authenticated but it does answer the question of static electricity.)

    Faces on Turned Off Television Screens

    And more claims

    Ghost face on TV screen!

    Static electricity would be residual energy that potentially works, much as how when I took a photo of a claimed haunted building, the camera flash (a Minolta HS 5400) thyristor was being discharged of energy right before the flicker of the camera flash bulb illuminated with the shutter (which should have been 1/60th or higher on an Minolta Maxxum 5 film camera body, with probably 800 ISO film,) which shows several series of exposure of an anomaly. Static or energy source?

    Image I took

    Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

    Physicists probe the paranormal – Physics World
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    Why Wake Up - Ken Wilber

    Nonlocal Mind and Collective Consciousness | Roger Nelson Ph.D. |

    Does the Universe Have a Mind? - Exploring Panpsychism with Philip Goff

    The Metaphysics of Panpsychism (2016) (Alfred North Whitehead's Process Philosophy)

    Klee Irwin ( - Scientific Clues That We Are Living In the Matrix (Emergence Theory and E8 Mathematics)

    Quantum Cosmology and the Role of Consciousness by Arthur Pletcher (

    My thoughts:

    In Vedic Mythology ‘Indra’s Net of Jewels’ (read article ‘Indra’s Net: All is One, One is All’) is the same thing as Metatron’s Cube

    Metatron's cube (referring to kabbalah and possibly the "Crown Chakra") encompasses “God” with the Tree of Life representing the physical whole of the universe. Enoch becomes Metatron when he dies, and when considering how a 3d cube when unfolded resembles a 2d cross; I suspect Jesus is more than just an individual and is likely a metaphor (and Medieval art often incorporates an entheogenic reference to the Saints and Jesus, et al.)

    The Tefillin square headband worn by Rabbi’s is the Metatron cube positioned over the “third eye.” The Hajj ceremony by Muslims during Mecca encircles a cube, and the Mass ceremony at Catholic churches sometimes has the bread/flesh and wine/”blood of Christ” enclosed in a cube at the center of a pulpit.

    Pythagoras was involved with adapting sacred geometry ideas derived from Egyptian Thoth incorporated into Hermes/Mercury (the “messenger” to the gods) who is a psychopomp (soul-conveyor to the underworld). The staff of the caduceus represents a duality of two intertwined serpents (representing competing forces such as creation and entropy; such as the idea of god has often been depicted as a binary concept, and in 1610 a German Cobbler, Jakob Bohme, suggested God is a binary self-replicating algorithm/fractal)

    In Egyptian mythology the Ankh seems likely to be a representation of both the Metatron/’Net of Jewels’/’Flower of Life’ symbolism and seems to have a connection to the Eye of Horus (Endocrine) symbolism. Some have argued the Giza pyramid incorporates sacred geometry representing the anatomy of the human head, which is not too different from Solomon’s temple being modeled on a human figure (thus the etymology of the “temple” of the brain?)

    In the Old Testament Jacob is wrestling with an Angel on Mt. Penuel (meaning the “Face of God”) and Jacob’s Ladder sounds like a Kundalini experience (or rather much as ‘Kundalini Shakti’ means “Serpent Power” it also refers to the sensation of how the spinal column sways while engaging the limbic system after undergoing deep meditation. Incidentally Jesus “dies” and is resurrected (reborn?) at age 33 which happens to be the same number of bones in the spinal column. If to “see god” and to live usually implies having “died” which is the usual process of experiencing DMT release, and thus “seeing the face of God” and having lived implies experiencing something similar to death and yet being spared. It is also possible that the “Baptism ceremony” underwent by Jesus was one where people are submerged under water to drown and then become revived, thus experiencing being “born again,” which is how ‘Emmanuel’ became ‘Jesus,’ (and thus, “Disciples of Jesus” give the message of what Jesus talked about?)

    Things to look into:

    Dr. Steven Greer’s CE5 (summoning UFO/UAE phenomenon) Often a spiritual component is connected to the presence of ufo, and some would argue these are not entirely objects representing physical space despite being recorded and documented and that perhaps represent an advanced level of physics more akin to what people experience spiritually, that until our society evolves to understand are not yet ready to comprehend the nature of.

    Jacques Vallee Interdimensional Hypothesis (which seems to have some cross-over with EVP phenomenon and religion)

    Marcello Bacci EVP/Transdimensional communication worked only when Bacci was present despite no evident tampering by those who actually investigated it. Google his name and ‘Direct Radio Voice.’

    Reports of ‘Machine Elves’ as mentioned by Terrence McKenna and many others (and how this might play into the legends like St. Nicholas’ companion Krampus (Knecht Ruprecht) and his elves, which corroborates the belief that Christmas is just a Pagan entheogen tradition involving reindeer who are known to seek out the Amanita Muscaria mushroom at the root of the pine tree which appears to be named after penuel/”Face of God” and the pineal gland not only resembles the endocrine system but also is affected when undergoing extensive meditative practices as well as entheogenic experiences. Easter also refers to the Babylon traditions (spotted “eggs” could be mushroom, which seems to be the origin of “which came first, the serpent or the egg” and how such poisons capable of imparting knowledge of life and death have largely contributed to religious belief and how people claim to experience what sounds like a fractal “reality,” which they then come out of.) Similarly dehydration was common during ancient times as is now, so people could attribute significance to the effects of water, serpents, entheogens (such as the blue lotus flower that Tutankhamen was buried with.)

    Rupert Sheldrake morphic resonance

    Quantum Entanglement and the double slit experiment of observer proxy “Spooky action at a distance.”


    Most basis for arguments for or against the subject of the supernatural are determined from Ethos (credibility of the claimant,) Pathos (appeal to emotion,) and Logos (how logical is a belief?) I’m not what I would classify as a typical “spiritual” person but I know 100% certain supernatural phenomenon are real, and I will debate anyone on this topic.

    Initially I was skeptical of any authority that claims to understand what religion actually originates from and actually refers to (this would be a difficult topic to get into but I’m convinced people haven’t been “connecting the dots” about what many major religions refer to on common levels, some of which quantum mechanics is trying to grasp (Einstein argued the possibility of Quantum Entanglement but then wasn’t comfortable with the idea, however, he has argued against things that would shortly after questioning his contemporaries turned out to be wrong which is to be expected in science; so some are probably not yet ready for knowing the full extent to how something works.)

    I assumed religions were based on a false-premise progenitor instead of being a re-scripted version intended for lay audiences, and probably intended to keep the masses in-check and continuing to be exploited by the ruling society. Much of the origins for religion are literally based on DMT induced experiences in which people seem to experience a fractal “reality” (ergo the Enoch in Judaism when he dies becomes Metatron (of Metatron’s Cube part of the Kabbalah Sephirot “Tree of Life,” which comprises the same basic principle of the ‘Flower of Life’ in Asian culture, as well as in Vedic mythology, “Indra’s ‘Net of Jewels.’”) The duality of “good vs bad” apotheosis is a cathartic acceptance of what life “is” and could just as well be “Krishna consciousness” or akin to Shiva’s destruction/chaos/entropy and renewal of that cycle (rebirth?) The alphabet being used right now is based on constellations just as many early religions derived a great deal of understanding about the nature of the world and their experience through astrotheological beliefs, and you will find a commonality within disparate cultures (such as in Meso-America you will find common themes as societal entropy and knowledge akin to Thoth, and knowledge, with that of Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl.) Graham Hancock gets into the topic of DMT/Ayahuasca topic a bit, and I realized Christianity was based on an entheogenic component (the apple refers to a red fruit of some sort which likely was a mushroom, as “mana” is likely also a mushroom,) even before discovering Graham Hancock discusses this with Joe Rogen on his podcast.
    When discussing “Magic” it’s important to distinguish slight of hand with that of esoteric belief systems; Solomon practiced magic (according to the Jewish Talmud which would have been written around 2–3rd century AD, at a time the time the New Testament seemed to be written long after Jesus’ was still around,) Moses was a “Magician” taught by the Egyptian elite (where things such as necromancy were probably not much different from how Juliet of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ appeared deathlike,) and Jesus was referred to as a “conjurer of tricks” by the Roman’s and the Sanhedrin. Whether any of the claims are purely trickery I have no opinion on, but if you look into modern speakers on the topic like ‘Manly P. Hall’ you will discover some reference to the “Seething powers of Lucifer.” Some would argue that Lucifer is an eponymous reference to a ‘Title,’ much as the name ‘Merlin’ was not an individual but several over centuries, and some would argue Jesus was perhaps a metaphor for “awakening” as the quotes attributed to Jesus makes reference to a “star of the Morning/(Venus)” which has it’s attributes to how it shows up in cyclical cycles within the sky. Just as people assume “good and evil” are two separate things you also end up with a duality of what “God” is in the darkness comes light through acquired knowledge (that through knowledge of how nature of society and the function of society operates, humanity has the potential to destroy itself by trying to “play god,” but with certain mastery have the potential to break out of human limitations.)

    So onto the topic of paranormal (as I suppose what I said was a preface to the topic?) a significant reason for the denial of such claims has to do with material reductionist thinking, whereby any claimed (empirical is the word I used when describing my EVP I recorded about 16 years ago. . . Check it out here damn that what mean - furneaux 010305.mp3 or check out the compilation ) in which it’s assumed that no justifiable explanation can exist for how such a thing as non-corporeal intelligence is able to be audible (and to argue this point it’s important to realize such a phenomenon is not acoustic in nature but occurs as result of electromagnetic interference with electronic devices. Whether some people actually are more sensitive to interacting with such phenomenon without the aid of technology I am not particularly sure, as it would be difficult to substantiate whether people aren’t deluding themselves and impressionable.)

    UFO/UAE phenomenon is a difficult topic to summarize easily as it could very likely be the case that a substantial portion of what people think they know about the topic could be the result of very bad evidence in support of it (such as the likely possibility that people like Stanton Friedman were being “taken for a ride,” and how certain Authors were deliberately untrustworthy and taking anyone that would “tell their story” which was confabulations by those with little integrity. That and the reputation of Area-51 are probably due more credit to places like Lockhead Skunkworks (and the popular misquote of Ben Rich was promoted by a pedo MUFON Director (which frankly doesn’t surprise me as I interpreted his smile when “retelling” the story as untrustworthy.)

    The simple fact of the UAE/UFO phenomenon is so uncanny that even those who experience and record the phenomenon for themselves have a very difficult time coming away from the experience questioning even their own experience/evidence. A significant part of the phenomenon seems to show up on radar detection demonstrating the very characteristics described by expert witnesses who observe the objects from their cockpit demonstrating extraordinary maneuvers which their very expensive jet aircraft is unable to keep up with (and some would argue this indicates a phenomenon of parallax which is not true in the least.) I have spent a significant amount of time studying astronomy and testing my observational skills on objects during the night time and I have witnessed objects that appear stationary over residential areas miles away which I’ve driven out to, only to witness the object begin to move and then I proceed to follow for about a mile before it demonstrated mid-air rotation and disappeared. I highly suspect this is the kind of phenomenon Jacques Vallee referred to with his ‘Interdimensional Hypothesis .’ This is the sort of thing the ancient societies were trying to come to grasp with, and which our current level of physics DOES NOT COMPREHEND!

    I happened to record on the same night Stanton Friedman’s death was announced, when I went outside using an Omni V rated nightvision goggles, using a headmount and a cell phone aimed through one of the viewfinders, while simultaneously aiming a laser pointer out to objects that took notice, and I highly suggest anyone that decides to download (click on the arrow icon) the gif images and zoom in on the subject to analyze closely what is going on in the image (a triangular—which shape might be result of lens distortion as I used a 3x lens magnifier—object becomes very large, while I was too busy focusing on the orb-like object drifting through the sky with my laser pointer.) In the second image an object shows up right in the middle and darts off at extraordinary speed.

    Triangle UFO Ryan Mathew Parr MUFON 100393 dated 05162019.gif

    Orb movement dissappearance.gif

    My attempt to discredit the EVP and UFO phenomenon convinced me I didn’t know any other answer prior to it, and as I looked closer to what religions talk about I realized anyone claiming to be an expert on the topic is likely not going to go outside of their comfort zone. As for cryptoids it seems pretty well substantiated that most of them are hoaxes, however, we shouldn’t exclude the possibility that prehistoric animals from fossil records might still show up from time to time. Remote viewing has to eliminate flawed experiments but that would be difficult to do, and falls into the same trap as “proving” the ghost phenomenon using material reductionist techniques, which again is pretty difficult with the assumptions that can be made about it. I’m only claiming what I know and realize that part of what compelled me might also have something to do with how I’ve been able to engage this topic and what opportunities were available to me when I started studying into it (I first entered an abandoned historic building and did so throughout a 2 year interval whenever I visited relatives.) Also, I did a lot of reading and had some uncommon books that compelled me to learn more.

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    Q: (basically) Jesus and religion are just ideas manipulated by an advanced civilization to troll us.

    I would say the idea is a bit more complicated than that; the question at first may seem absurd to people but it does require a valid hypothesis because it delves into some of the underlying facets of physics and what the original ideas inspired within religion were trying to convey to layman audiences.

    Study up on sacred geometry and how early civilizations attempted to understand our concept of reality (Indra’s “Net of Jewels,” Metatron’s Cube, and perhaps the Ankh of ancient Egypt could just as well represent the ideas of Thoth or Hermes-Trismegistus of Pythagorean and Platonic solids/shapes lore,) were attempting to represent the concept of a multidimensional, and further analyzes how various cultures became involved with the idea of life/death and DMT release, and the types of entheogenic rituals that were common place (Christianity was most likely a religion that attempted to conceal the practices of entheogens, and I highly suspect the name Jesus was a way of referring to such a practice; or at the very least it’s possible that John the Baptist induced a state of death with baptismal drowning to then bring the disciples back from the brink with new found “understanding.”

    The reason I make the connection to sacred geometry and entheogens is that fundamentally Thoth was the god that proceeded death (following Anubis bringing the dead to the underworld, then comes Horus (some suggest Jesus represents the “eye of horus” or pineal gland which is a study in itself,) and then Thoth who generally represents knowledge and the usual conception of the “Staff of Caduceus” (Caduceus - Wikipedia) which is the duel serpent rod with ties to numerous cultures dating back to 3–4,000 BC where a similar life and death connection is also based in Mesopotamian god Ningishzida - Wikipedia aka “Lord of the Good Tree” which sounds very similar to the Tree of Life in Genesis (which is actually a Kaballah reference based in “Metatron’s Cube” sacred geometry, etc.)

    Whether the claims of abductees are legitimate I have wondered about what people perceive as advanced technology within the sky, as I have most certainly witnessed some strange things (large black triangle craft that hovered over the area, and later my interest in astronomy made me aware of more to the phenomenon with new experiences.) What I noticed follows up from what I explored in the subject of the EVP and ghost phenomenon earlier on (due to my questioning religion I wanted to explore the possibility that non-corporeal consciousness could not possibly exist, only to prove to myself that it actually did) where I wondered about the claims of dust being “orbs” only to also photograph “orbs” that were no where close to the lens and could not be dust artifacts that were illuminated from a camera. The UFO/UAE phenomenon has a striking parallel, and those who claim to come into contact with UAE also have reports of seeing orbs either connected directly to the sighting itself or as a culmination of experience following sightings of UFO crafts or UAE objects and at some point these can be documented incidents with sightings. What I suspect is that the “orb” phenomenon is what we perceive as a byproduct of other aspects of dimension that we are largely oblivious of, and that what we interpret as “extraterrestrials” are perhaps conscious intelligence that has managed to interact with humanity on some level, but might in fact exist in ways that have not been easily observed or comprehended.

    Does consciousness pervade the universe as a panpsychism concept, and is humanity more privy to such experiences because of the quantum nature of human psychology[1](?) which may beg to question observer proxy—perhaps exemplified by the ‘double-slit experiment’—in relation to a holographic framework we interpret as tangible and real because of how observer proxy experiences “reality.” When invoking deathlike state did humanity come into contact with advanced intelligence (perhaps what people like Terrence McKenna, et al refer to as “Machine Elves?”) When people like John Dee were involved with “communing with Angels and Demons” was he coming into contact with actual intelligence, and perhaps that was one and the same thing that people like Aleister Crowley referred to as Lam? Is humanity dealing with an advanced civilization or some byproduct of consciousness that exists in ways we are not familiar with, or is it possibly a carry-over from our own warped and twisted framework of reality that we mistake as real (and without getting too philosophical about the nature of “reality” which one could argue by being conscious of it would by it’s very nature be a hallucination because it is defined by our own fragmented bias of “what is real,”) and does that play some role in our conception of our experience that is beyond our scope of comprehension because it goes against everything we are readily able to understand?

    Could an advanced intelligence seek to manipulate the human race for it’s own amusement and goal of some kind that would not make sense to us because we are too preoccupied with what is readily observable/experienced by us, and are we capable of understanding deeper underlying concepts such as a hypothetical “soul?”


    [1] Quantum theory and human perception of the macro-world

    etc The Tree of Knowledge as a Metaphor for Superposition of States
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