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Thread: Interesting non-default subreddits

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    Interesting non-default subreddits

    Most of you who have visited reddit within the past ~4 years will know the default subreddits are full of noise and groupthink and memes. Post some of the lesser known subs that you've found interesting.

    Spoiler: mine
    /r/dataisbeautiful: DataIsBeautiful
    A place for data visualizations: Graphs, charts, maps, etc.

    /r/TrueReddit: Reddit as it is meant to be
    A subreddit for really great, insightful articles, reddiquette, reading before voting and the hope to generate intelligent discussion on the topics of these articles.

    /r/HistoryPorn: HistoryPorn: Historical photographs and pictures

    /r/listentothis: r/ListenToThis: The New Music Machine
    ListenToThis is a place to discover music by new or overlooked artists. Our emphasis is on maintaining an eclectic selection of sounds and on finding new music. Everything in our feed links directly to music streams.
    A title format is enforced for easy reading and searching by genres or artists. Household name bands and reposts are actively removed. Bots comment regularly with artist information and recommendations. Charts are posted monthly. Sidebar links to ALL active music subs.

    /r/spaceporn: SpacePorn: High Res Images of Space, Stargazer's Delight
    High Res Images of Space

    /r/AbandonedPorn: AbandonedPorn: Abandoned everything
    High quality images of abandoned things and places.

    /r/DepthHub: DepthHub: A jumping-off point for deeply-involved subreddits
    DepthHub gathers the best in-depth submissions and discussion on Reddit. You can use the DepthHub as an alternative front page with high quality discussion and inquiry. For more on the theory of DepthHub, read this post from our founder.

    /r/Futurology: Future(s) Studies
    Welcome to r/Futurology, a subreddit devoted to the field of Future(s) Studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization.

    /r/netsec: /r/netsec - Information Security News & Discussion
    A community for technical news and discussion of information security and closely related topics.
    /r/netsec is aggressively moderated to maintain a healthy signal to noise ratio.

    /r/WhatsInThisThing: What's in the box?!
    A subreddit originally created to break into my friends vault

    /r/Frisson: Frisson
    New here? Read this before posting!

    /r/cogsci: cognitive science
    The interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology.

    /r/TrueAtheism: TrueAtheism
    A subreddit dedicated to insightful articles and thoughtful discussion about everything to do with atheism, theism, the existence of deities and religion.

    /r/sloths: Sloths
    Look, a sloth! Sloth pictures, videos and other sloth content.

    /r/AnimalPorn: AnimalPorn: High quality animal photography that will make you shiver and moan
    High quality images of animals (not having sex).

    /r/futurebeats: experimental beat music
    For sharing and discussing experimental beat music from all genres and eras. 'Future', here, is a state of mind.

    /r/cableporn: Cable Porn; The Art of Tidy Data Centers
    A place for sharing links to good-looking cabling (primarily data centers) that could be considered modern art (or porn) to the network junkies of Reddit.

    /r/PhilosophyofScience: Philosophy of Science
    New to the philosophy of science? Begin here.

    /r/robotics: robotics
    For discussion on robots and developments in robotics: e.g. localization, artificial intelligence, control theory, actuation, etc.

    /r/DrugNerds: Drug Nerds
    For the discussion of recreational pharmacology. (r/drugs with longer words)

    /r/woahdude: The BEST links to click while you're STONED
    The best links to click while you're stoned!
    Trippy, mesmerizing, and mindfucking games, video, audio & images that make you go 'woah dude!'

    /r/crypto: Cryptography-related news and discussion
    This subreddit is intended for links and discussions surrounding the theory and practice of strong cryptography, which lives at an intersection of math, programming, and computer science.

    /r/neurophilosophy: Neuroscience, psychology and philosophy of mind
    A place to submit and discuss links related to the sciences of behaviour and consciousness. In-depth submissions and conversations regarding neuroscience, psychology, philosophy of mind, cognitive science, artificial intelligence and the philosophy of psychology are all welcomed.

    /r/Neuropsychology: Neuropsychology: Links, Resources, and Discussion
    Information about neuropsychology, neuroanatomy, neurodevelopment, studying neuropsychology, being a neuropsychologist, and related topics. Full-text articles and well-written science journalism write-ups of recent papers are especially encouraged, but of course questions, comments, and general musings are welcome!

    /r/artificial: Artificial Intelligence

    /r/transhumanism: transhumanism
    Transhumanism is a intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities.

    /r/CryptoCurrency: Crypto-Currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, ...
    Discussions of all things related to emerging crypto-currencies including (but not limited to): Bitcoin, Litecoin, ...

    /r/gue: /r/gue - a subreddit for arguments
    /R/GUE - (ärʹ-gyū) - A place for r/gumentation and debate.

    /r/RationalPsychonaut: Rational Psychonaut
    Deep Stuff, without the deepity.

    /r/virtualreality: Virtual Reality and the Metaverse
    We are a common ground for discussion relating to Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds.

    /r/MusicEssentials: MusicEssentials: Essentials songs or albums classified by genre.
    Reddit's Essential Music Guide

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    My favourites are probably

    /r/whatisthisthing - people asking for information about weird objects
    /r/psychology - yes yes this explains itself
    /r/morbidreality - not gore at the core but a look at the dark side of reality

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    Yeah, I don't do reddit much.

    A moment ago I accidentally stumbled into the "Men's Rights" subforum and now my head hurts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Mexico View Post
    Yeah, I don't do reddit much.

    A moment ago I accidentally stumbled into the "Men's Rights" subforum and now my head hurts.
    Wait till you find /r/TheRedPill/

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    What is it about reddit that makes it so appealing to neckbearded bronies?

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    it's on the internet?

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    Shit, you know.
    /r/dadjokes : tends to make me smile more than any other humor site/thing on the internet.
    /r/opendirectories : dust off the old wget

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