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Thread: The Marshmallow Thread

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    The Marshmallow Thread

    The Android Marshmallow update is trickling in and unlike some updates, this one has some significant new features...which 99 percent of users will never notice.

    Tap and hold home button in apps to search for relative stuff, like the restaurant mentioned or whatever. Turn on “Now on tap” in google now's settings to turn this feature on or off. Default is off.

    In the app manager you can turn individual permissions on and off in each app. NICE!!!! --- I have declined to use many many apps because I couldn't fathom why they needed my frakkin camera. Not only can you toggle a list of permissions within the individual app in app manager, you can also see toggleable lists of apps that have each permission...for example you can go see a list of apps that have access to your camera and uncheck any you don't think should.

    Tap, hold, then drag your finger to select text (you used to tap and hold, then you had to adjust the sides of the selection.) Once selected you get the standard copy paste menu, but now you can translate the text too if you have google translate installed.

    You can disable notifications individually per app. Settings, sounds and notifications, app notifications.

    You can see which specific apps are using your ram in ram manager.

    Smart lock…under the security tab, this lets you make it so you don’t have to enter your unlock code/pattern/fingerprint/whatever based on certain triggers, like when you are linked to a Bluetooth device (I set it to my car), or through a gps location or address, or until you set it down once you’ve unlocked it. Not that you should need an unlocked phone when you are driving....aherm.

    Supported apps can have their data backed up for easier device must be enabled and it may be a while before a significant number of apps start supporting it, but it is very much needed...especially in games.

    Turn your SD card into additional internal storage (but not all manufacturers allow it.) But my Nvidia shield TV does have it! Yay! And the marshmallow update on it fixed all of the gamestreaming issues so I can play my pc games on my tv now....though results vary from game to game.

    All your google settings can be managed from one place under “application settings.” Another long-needed thing.

    Some manufacturers give you a system tuner if you press and hold the settings button for five seconds. This lets you access a bunch of beta features. Again, Samsung says not unless you root.

    EDIT: If you have a Note 4, you'll also get the new air command menu like the one for the Note 5 (the menu you get when you pull out your pen or hover press the pen button) which is you can add the drawing and note taking apps that you use your wacom layer for to the air command menu.
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