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Thread: Happy Killdozer Day!

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    Happy Killdozer Day!

    On this day 12 years ago Marvin John Heemeyer of Granby, Colorado got into the cab of his heavily armored and modified Komatsu D335A bulldozer knowing he would never get out alive. He was a man with a grudge, a man on a mission he felt had been given to him by God: to destroy the businesses and property of those who had ruined him. He'd spent over a year and a half secretly working on this project and it was something the town of Granby was completely unprepared for. The bulldozer was armored with makeshift composite armor made up of layers of steel and concrete, in places over a foot thick. Video cameras protected by bullet-resistant plastic were mounted on the outside and connected to monitors in the cab; compressed air nozzles were fitted to blow dust away from the lenses. The interior was air-conditioned, but Mr. Heemeyer never intended to survive his rampage; he used a homemade crane to lower the heavy armor hull over the bulldozer with himself inside it.

    This is what happened next:

    Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not here to say that what Marvin Heemeyer did was right. Killdozer day is not about celebrating destruction or revenge. He was certain it was right, and willing to give his life to see it through, and that's what's important. It's about taking inspiration from the drive and determination of one man who, completely alone and written off as a loser, found it in himself to carry out his final mission.

    "I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things."

    Happy Killdozer day everyone. May you find the conviction and the motivation to prepare your own metaphorical killdozer, and the courage to seal yourself in it and commit yourself to making the mark you want to leave on this world, in this life.

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    Oh Killdozer, where are you now when America needs you most?
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