I just got a thing in the mail from Wells Fargo that said if I open and account and do 10 debit purchases, they'll give me $200 and I was reminded of this scam er um offer I took advantage of: http://forums.intpcomplex.com/showth...l=1#post166439

Also Chase paid me $300 to open an account with them and Usbank used to pay me $5 if I waited in line more than 5 minutes and they gave me $100 to keep a $1000 in my saving account for a year.

My dishwasher was $400 and I got it on sale for $279 and got the veteran discount(I really been pushing that one lately) down to $250 and paid with one of my card cards that pay 5% back on home improvement purchases! Woot!

The other day I bought some ramps for my truck at Harbor Freight with coupons- got free batteries and a flashlight AND 20% off. lol

What some obnoxiously good deals you got or what deals or free stuff can you share with the rest of us?

Hack the system.