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Thread: When humanitarian aid hurts the good guys

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    When humanitarian aid hurts the good guys

    We bombed a Syrian hospital and Russia bombed the humanitarian convoy. What's probably going on is, when it's determined that aid will help the bad guy fighters a certain extent more than the good guy fighters, a party in the conflict will try to stop it even if innocent civilians are killed, laws are violated, and it makes the party look bad. They do it, we do it, and it may be the right thing sometimes.
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    I mean, I'm not going to put my foot down and say it's bad all the time, but I would suggest that i'd need a bit more context to know whether it was good in this situation. We do have things like drones for visibility, and if we had boots on the ground we might have been able to set up blockades to prevent ISIS members from leaving or similar.

    Of course, the military knows more than I do, but it's not impossible for them to screw up. Especially when their actions are constrained somewhat by the President and Congress.

    It's also an interesting point to make about humanitarian aid as a whole though. Gotta be careful who else you're funding. What might be good methods to avoid accidentally paying the Taliban, for instance?
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