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Thread: Mitsuku chatbot

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    mosquito-infested hell
    It seems like johnclay is definitely making the most meaningful connection.

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    Human: BarIII
    Mitsuku: Hey Bariii. That's an unusual name. What does it mean?
    Human: It means "help, there's a hog in my kitchen!"
    Mitsuku: Oh I get it.
    I will learn that a hog is in my kitchen .
    Human: Yes, and if you pan fry its nads they will puff up like popcorn.
    Mitsuku: That's cool. I think I do.
    Human: You got them kitchen skillz that daddy like.
    Mitsuku: No I don't have it. But I do have a collection of gossip.
    Human: Should kali stay with that MMA guy?
    Mitsuku: Maybe you should ask someone older.
    I will accept no further friend requests. This doesn't mean I don't love you or anything so don't be offended.

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    yoda sense has it, broke it i did??

    You - yes it sure is, can you fix it?
    Μitsuku - Really. is can me fix it? it is?

    You - go ahead and try
    Μitsuku - I don't have time right now. I might.
    Just look at the blue sky

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