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Thread: Enneagram Typology: valuable alternative or flimsy fluff

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    My add-ons:

    1: Only a pain in the ass when you're closely related, otherwise cooler than their type description might suggest. They kind of learn how to sand their edges over time too.
    2: Depends entirely on the wing. 2w1s are mostly cool, 2w3s are a pain in the ass.
    3: If they like you, they lay out the red carpet for you. I appreciate that. Though I haven't met any female 3s and would be curious to see the difference...
    4: Not sure I really know what a 4 is yet, but the people that could be fours I know share a few too many traits with 2s to be completely likable, and yet, they're still pretty okay to be around.
    5: Probably depends a lot on the 5. They ironically can sometimes not know when to shut the fuck up about their hobbies at times, but if they don't have that hurdle they're cool.
    6: Not entirely sure I know what a 6 is, either.
    7: Haven't met enough, they probably frequent the social circles I avoid in all honesty. The musings of 7s I read make them seem really cool though.
    8: Not fun when unhealthy, and avoid pissing them off.
    9: I don't know, cool? Probably cool.
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    I think Enneagram has quite a bit of merit, taking into account Naranjo, Ichazo, Reich and some studies into attachment theory and correlation.

    I'm an Enneagram 8w7, I don't utilise TriType, but I would probably be an 854.


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    MBTI type is 2nd date disclosure; Enneagram type(s) with wings included is the best people screen around. I know not to even befriend 2s, 3s, and 8s. Truly, the Enneagram has rarely failed me.

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