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Thread: Obama a part of the Trump Administration?

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    Obama a part of the Trump Administration?

    OK. Political conspiracy porn.

    After Obama gets out, he's buying a house in DC, close to the White House. It's in Kalorama. Not Chicago. Not Hawaii.

    Ivanka and Jared Kushner are shopping for a place in Kalorama.

    Is it possible Obama will be the puppeteer hand up Trump's ass? Obama---->Ivanka------->Kushner------->Trump

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    The hand up Trump's ass will be whoever last talked to Trump and complimented him on something.
    "Doesn't matter what a man has if he doesn't have purpose. You take that away from him, man usually goes with it." -Beau

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    Trump has openly admitted on Twitter, in agreement to someone, that he would favor himself and his "friends" (business partners.) He is open to culpability, and due to his nature, will be easily manipulated and swayed, due to his ego.

    It reminds me of Ulysses S. Grant and the 'Gilded Age'

    My theory is that the Presidential Elections are heavily rigged, and the only ones that get close to making it anymore, are those that form some social niche, that in no way favors the "constituencies" (dupes of "Democracy.")

    He could be trying to prevent blowback from his administration, in the event the "fake news" stories no longer appear as such to most people.

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    I read that Obama was renting, not buying. And it's in DC so his daughter can finish high school at the same school. He's probably just being a dad.

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