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To be honest, though, ETJs make me uncomfortable. They just feel like the stern father who's about to give you a lecture and tell you how bad you're fucking your life up and how you need to grow a backbone and stop being a little bitch---LOL...
I admit that I'm quick to lecture people who have had their thinking compromised by emotion. I'm also largely averse to any overt displays of emotion, as such things feel so very fake/cringe-worthy.

When it comes to fucking up your life, though... who am I to talk? I've made plenty of bad decisions in my time. I get by purely because I seem to have a knack for being in an ok place at the right time, but honestly? I'm probably using up about 20% of my brain on any given day. I'm an absolute shit show, totally under stimulated and far from challenged. This is a problem when you thrive on pressure and calling the shots in complex situations. Woe is me, etc. Now who has their thinking compromised by emotion?

It's far more likely that I'll advise someone on what not to do, because the chances are that I've been there and fucked it up and handful of times already.