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    Quote Originally Posted by scarydoor View Post
    I had a similar long hiatus. I got the Uncharted 1, 2, 3 Collection thing with my PS4 and I think the linearity is part of the whole attraction. It kind of feels good to me to be able to switch off and just play through and be god-damned entertained for the duration, and feel like I'm Indiana Jones. It can feel like quite a nice change from the multitude of open-world games (which are great), to not need to make too many decisions about things. 1, 2, and 3 had some really great gameplay sequences at times too.
    Ditto, though I disliked the first Uncharted enough that I didn't bother with the apparently superior sequels. You can pick them up on the cheap so maybe I'll give it another chance. I liked Naughty Dog's the Last of Us ok which is effectively the same mechanic.

    I've moved on to Alien Isolation and Fallout 4.

    The latter is more of the same, which is fine, except you're Don Draper (or if you're me, Don Draper in a dress when you want the charisma boost). Scavenging through stuff and exploring is still fun. Maybe it's my imagination but I get the sense that the game encourages less reliance on VATS in the onset as your AP runs out quickly at first (unless you want to boost it). That's a good thing in my book, the "hey look over there" button doesn't even seem necessary. I use it on Mirelurk faces.

    Alien Isolation is unnerving. The script is well done. But it has some quirky ideas about how it wants you to behave as per stealth which are not at all obvious at first and will get you killed. There's a section near the beginning that has you navigating past hostile humans a few times that seems misleading. You're very easily spotted so what works as "stealth" in most games doesn't apply here - you have to follow certain motions. All the little environmental effects such as creating smoke seem completely useless - you're just supposed to run in a certain direction and GTFO. As for the Alien... I've learned that it's always on the damn motion tracker in some areas and the trick is not to move quickly under vents. Also, you can hide but this is useless. The Alien will find you, fast. You have to navigate quickly where you want to go. Don't bother trying to fight Androids in the beginning.

    Next on my list is the Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne, Dark Souls III and Doom.
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    I picked up Horizon Zero Dawn today. Holy shit it's good. That's my review after about 1 hour anyway. I'm comparing it mostly to Witcher 3 I guess.
    - graphics: amazing. I haven't noticed any kind of framerate drop yet either.
    - control of the character: in Witcher 3 I often find that the camera is too close behind the character. Or something. Something is wrong with it for me. This feels really good.
    - the controls feel really snappy.
    - I'm pretty intrigued to find out what's up with these robots. I found the Witcher 3 story to kind of drag at times. I hope this one is a bit more gameplay focused to go through the story rather than cutscenes. We'll see...
    - even the map looks really cool.

    This game engine they've created/modified for the game is amazing. I'd be excited to see what else could be done with it.

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    "...collaboration between Housemarque (Resogun, Alienation, Matterfall), and Robotron and Smash TV legendary creator Eugene Jarvis..."

    Just came out on PC. Works decent with a mouse and kb but I think I'd do better with a controller. Unfortunately I don't own a two stick one. I'll have to try to borrow one from somebody.

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    So I picked up a cheap logitech pc controller to play Nex Machina. I haven't played a console in so long my hands cramped up almost immediately. I get the value of a stick for scenarios where you need a range of sensitivity but just for controlling the firing direction I would prefer a pad.

    I've seen where some controllers have a pad with a removable stick. That would work better for me, or even something height adjustable somehow as it just feels a little too tall resulting in more required movement to change direction and my thumb slips around on it. I'm sure I'll acclimate but the ergonomics are sub-optimal at the moment.

    The only other complaint I have about the otherwise great game is that it's a little too faithful to the arcade shooters of the past: There's no save and 100 levels I believe. I can spend hours on an rpg or whatever but adrenaline rush breakneck play for hours is a thing of the past for me so I'll likely never see the later ones unless I take up meth. Hopefully they'll enable some kind of non-hardcore option for this later.

    I don't play a lot of games like this anymore but a couple here and there satisfies the need for something old arcade style. If you're in need of a modern sensory overload Robotron fix give this a look.

    Oh and I liked Alien Isolation a lot.

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