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Thread: I just played..

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    Zelda Breath of the Wild. I'm technically ready to take on Calamity Gannon but I've been looking for a chicken for forty five minutes.

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    I've become weird with video games, I've been playing the same one since 1999, or at least the last revision to the original game of command and conquer II. I play the "Yuri's revenge" version of it, though I rarely play with, or as the Yuri side.

    I played a lot of games when I was young, but I've lowered the number of games as time has gone on, to the point that I might only play that one game in a given month.

    I prefer to master a game, than to repeatedly play multiple games and so, I routinely play against four brutal enemies, and have the tuning pack "Deevious AI" which makes the enemy even sneakier, such as waiting longer to send a larger army.

    For fun sometimes, I try to see if I can win without casualties, but some otherwise shielded dumbass always manages to die, or a miner gets rushed.

    I've played it to the point of finding potential glitches, like how you can refine your pinch points between a closing vector to position a point that AI tanks will all start going crazy and not know where to acquire a target in some maps, like sedona pass.

    Another game I played to death was in arcades as Tecmo World Cup 90. Anyone wanting to play will have to wait as I destroy other teams as many as 7-0 to the final seventh game.

    I should try something new.

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