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Thread: Media Consumption Profile/Survey 2017

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    Media Consumption Profile/Survey 2017

    What electronic devices do you use to consume media? How much did they cost?

    What software and subscription services do you use for these devices? How much do they cost?

    How are these devices integrated?

    If people here can follow a similar format to my example (below), then I might actually tabulate the data and make a visualization. For software and services, I'm only interested in media consumption (movies, music, games, tv series, books, etc). Age, gender, race, and country might also be of interest, but I can understand if you're not willing to share. If you could label one device as your primary media consumption device, then that would also be nice.


    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Country: USA

    Televisions: 49" LG 4K Smart TV (~550 USD 2017) and 28" Vizio 1080p Smart TV (~180 USD 2015)
    • I don't use any of the smart TV functionality for software and services
    • I don't have cable or satellite television
    • The only device I use with the 49" is my PS4
    • The only device I use with the 28" is my Retina Macbook Pro

    Desktop computers: NA

    Laptop computers: 15" Retina MBP (~2000 USD 2013)
    • Limited media consumption on this device: Google Chrome and Youtube for old boxing matches and news, uTorrent + VLC for pirated movies/shows
    • Not only do I not use iTunes, but I try to avoid so much as opening it unless absolutely necessary (typically unnecessary because I also despise iOS)

    Tablets: NA

    Smart phones: Google Pixel XL 32GB (~874 USD 2017) and Google Nexus 5 (~450 USD 2013)
    • Project Fi for phone, sms, and data (30 USD/month for voice and text, 1 USD per 100 mb of data)
    • Google Play subscription for streaming music (~10 USD/month)
    • Nothing else ... :/ Any other media comes from the Play Store, and so far that's only Pokemon Go

    Game consoles: Playstation 4 (~300 USD 2015)
    • Primary media consumption device
    • Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime for streaming movies/show (no idea how much they cost because I don't pay for them)
    • Playstation Vue Elite package for live TV, on demand, and DVR (75 USD/month)
    • Playstation Now for streaming games (20 USD/month)
    • Stays connected to the LG

    Handheld gaming: New 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition (~175 USD 2015 - Nintendo employee discounted)
    • No software/services used outside of standard DS and 3DS games

    Am I looking to buy new devices?

    Maybe. I messed with a friend's Nintendo Switch and I have to admit that it's pretty damn cool. Mostly I've been thinking about getting a refurbished Wii U just so I can play Breath of the Wild and potentially mod it to be backward's compatible with Gamecube games (voiding warranty). I've also been thinking about getting a cheap desktop PC or mac mini (as soon as they include quad cores).

    Am I looking to add new services?

    Mmm. No. It already feels like I'm paying too much.

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    White male, late 20s, US. Samsung Galaxy S6 and an ASUS laptop. Also an HP ProLiant DL380 Gen 7 server for personal lab use. That's it though, and I don't plan on adding anything this year.

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    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Country: USA

    Televisions: a recently purchased 60 inch 4k TV. I can't be bothered to recall or investigate the make or model. Generally, not important or significant to me. It is there as a display device, nothing more.
    • I don't use any of its smart shit. All just noise in the menus.
    • I don't have cable service.
    • I have my PS4, Wii U and gaming laptop (see below) plugged in, for the purpose of playing games and media.
    • Bastet (my SO) has her PS3 plugged in, for the purpose of playing games and media.

    Server: custom box, home LAN server, basically
    • home LAN, headless box, central backup, fileserver for all devices in home LAN, VPN services, RDP relay, etc
    • hardware is pretty old, it is up for replacement
    • storage: 4x 4TB HDD, hot-swappable

    Desktop computers: custom box, main workstation, basically:
    • two 1080p, ips 20" monitors
    • my main workstation, all general computing tasks, surfing, programming, games/media playing/editing, etc.
    • Steam for PC games
    • Chrome for interwebs, VLC for media, uTorrent for occasional d/l action
    • iTunes and its like has not and never will besmirch my box with its bits
    • I use Winamp for most music, VLC for the rest.
    • for "books" I just have PDFs and Foxit reader. otherwise I read real-life books. Fuck e-books and e-readers.
    • originally built in 2015, tweaked and upgraded some in 2016, minor ongoing
    • mini ITX gigabyte mobo
    • i7-4790
    • 16GB ram
    • 3x 2TB SSDs
    • gtx 980ti
    • 8x BRD R/W, although not used much (have codecs for VLC to play most commercial Blurays)

    Laptop computers: ASUS ROG "gaming"-grade laptop (circa mid 2015?), 17" desktop-replacement something or another; primarily as entertainment center media/gaming
    • accessory "portable" gaming device, in theory; these days, plugged into main TV for general "entertainment center" computer-capable gaming, surfing, etc and the like
    • Steam for PC games in the front room
    • Same software load-out as workstation PC for media (winamp, VLC, Bluray playback codecs)
    • a whole host of emulators for 8,16 and 32-bit game systems, stocked with pirated ROM libraries
    • wireless game controller(s), etc
    • wireless keyboard/trackpad for couch-compatible use of PC-ishness
    • Amazon Prime, Netflix for online service media
    • i7-4710HQ
    • 16 GB RAM
    • discreet GTX 970M
    • 2 TB SSD
    • Bluray reader (codecs for commercial Blueray playback, etc)

    Tablets: Chuwi Hi-8 "tablet" form-factor Win PC
    • not really used for much; an unused toy
    • tablets in general can fuck right off. touch-screen only input is a non-starter for me.

    UMPC: GPD Win; pocket-computer, goes everywhere, does everything
    • takes the place of my decades-long love with PocketPCs for go-everwhere general computing
    • practically, it can play emulators no problem, older Steam games (with integrated gaming sticks, buttons, and a full keyboard, etc)
    • most often, I use it for data-entry (personal notepad, which I use quite often), occasional media playback (VLC, Winamp)
    • no service-related whatnot on it. wifi is generally OFF when I'm not remote-desktopping to/from it, or for maintenance or network-sync/backup purposes.

    Pocket PCs:
    • I have a virtual museum of old, top-of-their-line-at-the-time PPCs, each of which were once my "main portable general computer"
    • Notables include:
    • Dell Axim X51v, 128MB RAM Upgrade (and a few more than have the base 64 MB RAM)
    • Compaq E211

    Smart phones: Google Nexus something or another, circa 2015? Couldn't give a fuck, honestly.
    • it makes and takes phone calls
    • i text my SO and a few friends and family
    • some urban-living convenience apps like Uber, parking-finder, etc.
    • that's it. no surfing, no media, no games, nothing.
    • rooted, then stripped out and locked down all useless-noise features I could find.
    • mobile playback and games is what the UMPC/GPD-WIN is for (previously: PocketPCs)
    • if I could practically rid my life of this or any other smartphone, I would.

    Game console: Playstation 4
    • connected to TV, entertainment center
    • playing games
    • Amazon, Netflix media playback
    • dvd/bluray player for small lib of physical media
    • that's about it

    Game console: Wii U
    • connected to TV, entertainment center
    • plays Zelda games, that's about it.

    Handheld gaming: New 3DS XL
    • Plays Zelda games, that's about it.

    Portable MP3/etc Player: Sony Walkman NWZ-E385
    • and a pair of bose powered, noise-cancelling earbuds
    • for tiny, portable, convenient music listening during chores, exercise, daily commute, etc.
    • no services or other shit; just file/flolder structure of MP3s.

    Am I looking to buy new devices?


    Well, maybe a GTX 1080ti for the main PC. Still researching/shopping.

    The Switch does not interest me at this time. Too many problems at launch, and I do not wish to play the ratrace or pay the premiums to get one athwart Nintendo's infamous forced-scarcity distribution/shelving practices. For the time being, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is just fine on Wii U (it was, in fact, the purpose for which I originally bought the damn thing).

    Am I looking to add new services?

    No. I dislike services as a general rule. Amazon Prime for media was a natural, semi-default extension of how I used Prime for shopping to begin with. Netflix was a recommendation of my SO, otherwise I'd not have or use it. She uses things like Hulu and Starz, which I couldn't give a fuck about/ignore.

    Amazon Prime (for media) and Netflix basically replace the cable bill I once payed.
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    My main PC is still the one I built in 2011. Sandy bridge FTW. I've baked the GPU back to life four times now. Just one 1080 22" monitor that I don't turn off because it takes like five minutes to turn back on again.

    40" 1080 Samsung LED TV, it's more than enough for this little apartment. It has its own little Mini ITX box running Debian that is basically a youtube machine. I'm going to cancel Netflix again because I don't use it. It also has a 2.1 setup with a 50W Polk sub and 2x50W amp powering a couple Sony bookshelves. Way more than enough for this little apartment.

    Laptop is a Thinkpad X220 with some chips in the bezel and the HDD bay is held closed with electrical tape. Lenovo doesn't make Thinkpads like IBM did, but at least I got the last model with a good keyboard.

    Phone is probably the newest thing I'm using, a Sony Z3 compact. I love having a normal sized phone that fits comfortably in my pocket and hand and never runs out of battery by the end of the day. I did fuck up the audio jack from overuse though. I got some big comfy semi-open back headphones for work, they came with velour ear pads and the cord is removable. So I removed the cord and plugged a little $15 bluetooth receiver directly into the stub. Bam, big comfy bluetooth headphones that I can wear through an 8-hour shift without discomfort.

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    Male, 30 +, AUS

    Television: 42 inch 1080p LG from like 10 years ago. Chromecast dongle. All movies, videos or television etc stuff will just be output to this thing. I don't really watch anything on the other mediums/hardware.

    Speakers: I have a little denon AV reciever + 3 psb speakers/1 subwoofer. Music and sound can come out here.

    Laptop: dell inspiron 15 something something. Its primarily what I use to stream to the chromecast.

    Desktop: oldish piecemeal intel something several years old. 16gb i5 i think. Its a bit of a beast in terms of peripherals that I plug/unplug from it so we'll just go over the main ones: Samsung 34" SE790 + an old Dell U2711. I have some logitech USB headphones if I'm not in the mood to get the proper ones out (too dangerous to leave them out with the cat around). Maybe will upgrade in the next year or two unrelated to media consumption. Only really use this for steam games re media consumption.

    Phone: HTC One. Don't watch any video or play games on the thing. Do read email and a few articles from the economist or quick forum posts/research...

    Headphones: Bose quiet comfort 25

    E-reader: Kindle 3 (keyboard). It lives in an oberon design cover. E books live here thanks to calibre. They primarily come from project gutenberg.

    Steam and a household subscription to the economist are the only "media subscriptions".

    Am I looking to buy new devices?

    No. I don't feel there's been much of a meaningful innovation in media delivery for about 5-10 years now, not to mention modern media worth consuming. I'm not one of these tech people who like buying things for trendyness. I want something that will qualitatively improve my life or complete/deliver some task better than older tech. Honestly, i barely use the 1080p or watch tv in practice right now, and flac/mp3 output hasn't really changed in decades. But when the TV dies I might get a replacement in a slimmer form factor: they're stupidly cheap these days. Might be looking to build a new desktop with a new graphics card/cpu/case. I don't really like buying stuff...

    Am I looking to add new services?

    No. Is it possible to use less? I primarily see media services as ways to continually degrade ownership rights of the consumer and lock-in income streams and dependencies for large corporates and media companies that no longer have a sufficient reason to exist...

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