I had no electrical power this morning and saw utility trucks in my condo parking lot. I went out to ask what was going on?

I found two guys sleeping in a truck. My initial thought was "lazy utility workers." I didn't bother waking them. My biggest concern was assuaged. These were the electric utility's trucks which made me feel relieved that the likely source of my power loss was external and not electrical circuit issues in my condo unit.

On the way back to my condo I encountered an awake worker in the meter cabinet for my cluster of condos. He told me that there was an issue with the power leg supplying my condo that had been resolved and that power would be back on in about 10 minutes, which it was.

That guy seemed pretty run down. I imagine they were running ragged with a slew of power outages, maybe back to back shifts. In that context, I shouldn't begrudge them grabbing a little shuteye when the opportunities arise.