For most of human history, there wasn't even a way to record your thoughts or the things you said. As a result, these things could never be perfectly reproduced. A thought that hasn't been recorded in a public space is free to grow, but once we record a thought next to our name for all to see, we tend to want to defend it to the death. I have absolutely no idea what it would be like for all the shit I said to my friends when I was 20 to have been written down, but then again, would the shit I said have been as uninformed if I'd had a search engine to answer my questions?

I find that having a good background in biology in the internet age doesn't make me obsolete. All my students had the internet, all my friends and family have the internet, and when people ask me biology questions, I use the internet to dig deeper and learn more in the process of answering those questions. My background tells me what to look for and helps me id bullshit. It expands my usable internet biology territory and helps me navigate it with more speed and skill. Asking an expert in the internet age is like getting a tracker to help you navigate unfamiliar territory.