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Thread: Dare to be Different

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    @username - That's an impressive list of stuff.

    But yeah, the main thing is being able to comfortably be yourself. When something becomes "organized" it inevitably starts catering to the lowest common denominator rulesets and then gets quickly populated by the rule keepers. This is how it's done because rules/authority (and probably litigation mitigation as well). The dog and the dive world are drowning in this phenomenon.

    But let me take it back on topic here. I'll list some dog people breeds that fall under the umbrella of the OP:

    Wingmanopithecus - This is the guy that owns a dog for one purpose and one purpose only. To get chicks by utilizing his cute dog as a wingman. A Wingmanoptihecus actually confessed his status to me once.

    Groupopotumus - These are the girls you'll see being magnetically attracted to the above wingman. They seem to be more wary of Wingmanopithecus than Wingmanopithecus would prefer though.

    Spoilinator - These are the "animals are people too" people who treat their dogs, ironically, as if they were Gods of men. I suspect these are the same people you see in the supermarket buying their kids candy every time they whine, scream, yell, or sniffle. The result is the same whether it be kids or dogs.

    Clubbers (the most common) - These people only have dogs so they can talk to other people about dogs, the latest gossip, and basically have admittance to dog areas with reason. You will find them congregating together talking wildly to each other while their dogs run around ignored shitting on everything they see. I met one before I had a dog. I was walking the sidewalks in my old neighborhood for exercise when I had to perform the dreaded sidewalk pass with a dog walking Clubber. Her pass line? "Why are you walking out here, you don't even have a dog!" What! I'm not supposed to walk without a dog? What BUBBLE are you people living in?

    Compensator - These are men usually wearing wife beaters and sporting the biggest toughest looking dog possible. You will see them sizing up the other dog owners dogs to validate to themselves that their dog is the biggest and the baddest. They always seem to be single and may be a very shitty subspecies of Wingmanopithecus.
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    I don't find you a potential threat to human society, you're not crazy. Feces.

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    Posting in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread is totally normcore. I mean, look at the number of posts in that thread! And some people are posting perfectly tame, acceptable positions, at least among this crowd.

    "I don't like holidays."

    "Jamming to Taylor Swift is fun. "

    "I hate people. I mean, really."

    C'mon. You people are so much darker than you admit. For instance, almost no one 'fessed up to having been indicted at one point in their life. I'm sure you guys are a minority, but still. I came clean about my bounced check to Food City back in '98 or so. (OMG, maybe I am a mouth criminal)

    We just need a neutral "Opinions" thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
    also my unpopular opinion re: manbuns is that they look good and aren't douchey if the guy takes care of his hair. :| that hairstyle is practical for long hair and it's not gendered. i only feel this way cuz i've seen some great manbuns irl. i think "manbuns" sound kinda stupid though, they should just be called buns. you don't say womanbuns.
    Oh God, I see a manbun and automatically assume mangina.

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    This thread reminds me of a website I saw that lists and makes fun of EVERY pick up line. I walked by a big puddle in the middle of Rite Aid's parking lot yesterday and immediately thought of sailing a toy boat in it while dressed in child's clothes. Now I want to stalk Maddy with a toy boat and look for puddles.
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    Dare to be Different was the slogan to the late 80s/early 90s Long Island radio station WDRE (formerly WLIR). DRE and LIR were hugely influential on MTV's video rotation and were pretty much the authority on 80s New Wave and Punk, which was not mainstream yet.

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