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Thread: Have you achieved self-actualization?

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    I would say I have my basic need met but I struggle with everything else based on the concrete facts of that I don't really desire to be around people much. My middle two are so deprived I find myself currently being awake for about 30 hours.

    I am curious on the interpretation tho. Are we gauging this based on clearly shown evidence of said level occurring or a lack of need? I don't feel lonely, or that I have poor self esteem, or that I cannot strive towards my goals. But I am prolly struggling terribly with belongingness and love needs. I blame it on being diagnosed with a serious mental illness tbh.

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    Yes, after 50 years I've finally reached that point this last year. Also learned about Maslow when I was very young, guess I spent my life looking for it, intentionally or not (A.J. Drenth believes all INTP's and INFP's life goal is for creative actualization).

    The steps, as I learned them, went something like the following

    • Learn what I want and don't want, finally settling on what I want out of life (around age 40).
    • Figure out how to actually get work done in my chosen creative niche (took another 10 years - age 50)
    • Do my work - wash, rinse repeat (50++)

    My creative niche is software development (same as my profession unsurprisingly) and my hobby is classical music (was a former professional, but I quit when I found it wasn't my life purpose - just a great hobby).

    The first part - figuring out what I wanted and didn't want, was a long discovery process of trying things. Art, writing, physics, music, on and on. By a process of elimination I was left with engineering with a music backup. This is the 'Maze Metaphor' Drenth talks about. The second part was a 10 year process of developing good habit and eliminating bad ones. I had a bunch of habits that prevented me from getting anything done that I picked up from childhood, years of working for the Man, etc. In another post I can talk more about that if anybody is interested.

    Anyhow, yeah I'm working creatively finally. Different than what I expected - more contentment and less happiness, if that makes sense.

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    I'm generally in a pretty decent stage of self-integration at any given point, which I'd say is a pre-requisite to self-actualization. This because I'm constantly working to keep things stitched together, through loops introspection and mediation/zen-type thinking states. Balance the value-system, defrag the emotional background, etc.

    Having been spiritually clobbered by now two different (would-be) long-term romantic relationship disintegrations in the last 3 years, I'm currently in a process of self re-integration, as a result of a value-system re-balance, hence emotional floor re-working. All creation requires destruction. Although not every act of destruction is necessarily one of creation, it is still possible and better to take creativity if not creation from destruction. That's where I'm at now. A sort of self-quickening, a reduction of broken or dead value-system branches, a re-balancing of the tree, providing room for future, growth. Future happiness, health and efficacy.

    So, self-actualization is a way off yet, and I'm ok with that. What will be will be, in its own time.

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