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  • I'll drink anything that's totally flat!

    2 12.50%
  • I'll drink it if it produces a few bubbles on top when poured. That means it has gas!

    4 25.00%
  • I'll only drink it if it has most of its bubbles (two days old, max)

    5 31.25%
  • I won't even drink day-old pop

    1 6.25%
  • I sometimes add seltzer if it's flat

    2 12.50%
  • I throw flat soda down the drain

    6 37.50%
  • There are some carbonated drinks I make an exception for

    2 12.50%
  • I don't consume any fizzy drinks (/alien)

    2 12.50%
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Thread: Do you drink flat soda?

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    chaotic neutral shitpost jigglypuff's Avatar
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    no bubbles? fuck that. no point.
    the clouds in the sky caress my mind so tenderly

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    singularity precursor Limes's Avatar
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    I once took a swig from the wrong can in my office, one from a few days prior and it was like interview with the vampire: "you give me dead blood!?"
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    know nothing pensive_pilgrim's Avatar
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    Yeah, sure. Flat, warm, whatever. It's all pretty much the same. It had better be diet coke or diet dr pepper though, diet pepsi goes straight into the trash.

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    I got a SodaStream a couple of years ago. I primarily will just fizz up some water and squeeze a little lime in it. The soda I make the most is the Energy drink. I'll sometimes make cola or their version of Dr Pepper and not finish a bottle and forget I have it. I one time made the mistake of adding the syrup in first and then fizzed up the water and when I took the bottle off the spout it exploded everywhere. The Sodastream sodas don't hold their fizz for that long. If I open a two liter bottle of Dr Pepper or Ginger Ale and put the cap on pretty tight and don't mess with it, I can come back over a week later, undo the top and it still has great fizz. I do that with a sodastream bottle and it's dead.

    I may add somewhat flat limon-lime soda or ginger aie to cranberry juice and bourbon but it's pretty sad. If I try to add more plain water to like 1/3 bottle and then wait it out before removing it, I could keep it from exploding but then I'd have to add more syrup, so essentially throwing good money after bad. It's not that expensive, I just hate the waste.

    I agree some flat sodas are worse than others. If it's one glass I'll likely drink it but if it's really flat and I have half a two liter bottle left, I'll dump it cuz I know future servings will only get worse. It really took me a while to get to the point I could do this. Fresh outta college or all through my 20s really, I would just suck it up before literally sucking it up. I had a couple of 3/4th flat bottle of two different sodastream flavors earlier this year and ended up combining and mixing with fizz water and some other juice just so all would not be lost.

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    Usually, if I am dealing with a flat soda situation, it's just a bit left in the bottom of a bottle in the fridge, so I will just usually finish it and toss the empty.

    If a soda has been left open on the counter or something and gone flat, I would just dump it.

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    I don't drink soda unless I'm in a meeting and that's all there is. However, I have an unhealthy level of obsession with seltzer (a liter a day lately). It rarely lasts long enough that it can actually go flat on me.

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