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Thread: I keep forgetting to reply to all of you

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    I keep forgetting to reply to all of you

    Sorry. It's not because I hate you.

    @Robcore I'll reply eventually

    @Madrigal, no, not Simone de Beauvoir - Hannah Arendt

    @TeresaJ - thanks

    @Sistamatic - thanks + sorry

    @MoneyJungle - I don't remember any particular post of yours that I didn't reply to but I have the feeling that there is one nonetheless so fyi you're the best and I don't hate you

    *will update whenever a new backlog of things I feel guilty about not replying to builds up*

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    RFLOL - I can relate to this thread Dot. There are days that I'm a reply-o-holic... and days when I read stuff but just can't muster whatever it takes to reply to stuff.. then stuff gets old... then it gets pummeled under an avalanche of more current stuff.. then responding feels rude and/or awkward.. then I just let it go. It's called being a horrible socialite. But just think of all the stuff you get done instead! But I still love everyone (on INTPx... at this particular moment... but I reserve the right to be disgusted by INTPx members at some future point)!
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    I had forgotten I had asked you that, haha.
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