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Thread: Hello INTPcomplex this is AsENTP

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    Hello INTPcomplex this is AsENTP

    Hello INTPcomplex

    Who am I?

    Itís complicated consider this your warning. (I may have poor spelling in some places I am trying to fix this but any grammar Nazi's will likely find some things to grab onto)

    Career: Iím not currently working; however, I am looking forward to getting back into school where I plan to finish my degree in Forensic Chemistry and then dual major in business. My dream job is to own a Board Gaming Cafť and consult Forensic cases on the side.

    Faith: I am an nontraditional Christian. That is to say that, Iíve: read the bible and believe that it is accurate, believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of Humanity and I believe that most Christians and church/churches in general have no idea what they hell they are talking about.

    Relationships: Iím married for the last 5 years going on 6 next month (July 2nd, 2017), I have a large extended family I was adopted into at the age of 8, I have 8 siblings in my adopted family and a biological half-sister as well. My parents are still together and will be celebrating the 50th anniversary within a few years.

    Personality: XNTP

    X: Socially speaking I could accept or avoid and socialization based off of any number of variables. However, I am most content alone with my ideas or outside expressing my opinions to as many people as will listen. I have little need for socialization for its own sake. That being said, have intense ADHD and I am in constant need for outside simulation to add to my going collection of thoughts, theories and philosophies.

    N: Intuition has been classified by many as a gut reaction. However, my intuition (as well as most NT that Iíve talked with) works way more cerebrally. I have what I call my web of thoughts. They link every idea and thought Iíve currently processing form God to Babies, or My Dogs to Jupiter. These linkages make chains that have obvious gaps. What I fill these gaps with is my intuition. The system works remarkable well for me, as I rarely have to question specific educated guesses. They system has a whole is constantly under question and morphing and changing as I mature and lean new truths.

    T: As can be implied by my understanding of my personal intuition. I am a very cerebral person. The reality within my head is more real to me than the reality I live in day to day. As a child, I learn to use logic and defiance mechanism against emotional instability. This is tendency and habit that has remand constant even into adulthood. Yes, I feel emotions but they have much less sway over my reactions compared to most people. Iíve categorized a robot on more than once.

    P: I observe thangs as they are and for the most part put very little emphasis on how things ought to be. This is a habit Iím trying to alter slightly. I still enjoy observation in its purest unadulterated forms, however, I am starting to wise up to the fact that others need directions and the ones giving them sometimes donít have their best interests at heart. This is the reason that I am trying to get involved in politics more. ďI love to people watchĒ

    Citizenship: I lived in the United States my whole life and besides a few short trips into Canada I havenít really been anywhere else (this is a regret of mine). I was born in southern Michigan where I lived most of my life before graduating High School. My parents moved to Indiana a few months before I graduated High School. After Graduating High School I moved up the Michiganís (UP) to go to college. However, after some lack of focus and shortage of funding I only graduated with an associateís degree. Even so I continued to live in the UP until I got married. Then I moved with my wife to Maine where she entered graduate school. After she graduated we moved back to the UP where we are not contemplating if we want to stay or not. (if I had my choice I would movie to Canada I like it)

    Age: 30 somethings
    Race: Legally: Biracial (Caucasian/Native American), Biologically: Extremely Multiracial (African/European/Asian/North American)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian American,
    Regional Identity: Midwestern American
    Gender/Identity: (both biologically and Identification with) Male, Heterosexual

    Politics: I identify with my American Independence movement. I seriously find the two-party system flawed as well as the two parties that currently rule the U.S. In the past election cycle (2016) I had high hopes for Senator Bernie Sanders. I voted for Jill Stien in the general election I didnít care for either of the two buffoons leading the majority parties. Jill Sitien wasnít my ideal candidate either but among the lot running was superior even if she had no chance of winning. I do not regret my vote even though I am discontent with the current buffoon running the U.S. government.

    Social Issues: (no particular order as found on a web search)

    Abortion: I believe it should be a patient doctor discussions when it is medically advisable to save a life. Otherwise I donít see the absolute need when there are better options for unwanted pregnancies.

    Planned Parenthood: The provide a need for women so that shouldnít be abandoned even If I disagree with some of their practices. They could be replaced with better programs but as of now none exist.

    LGBT Adoption: This is touchy for me but the bottom line is there are too many kids in the system if they are a chance that someone could love them than it doesnít matter what their sexual choices are as far as they donít abuse the child. That being said there is evidence that healthiest family structure has both a male and female lead. However, this really doesnít matter though since being loved by someone is better than being forgotten by everyone.

    Religious Freedom: Ever person (I.E. individual) has an obligation to observe their own convictions religious or otherwise. Business entities are not people they are organized groups of beings seeking profit. Unless these entities have a direct tie to a give faith or practice such as a place of worship or religious materials. Or if they are private organizations with religious bylaws they should not hide behind religious freedom. Public businesses that offer pubic goods and services should not be allowed to as a business practice discriminate against any protect group. That being said they cannot force their employees to break their personal convictions. So, a small local business composed of a few like-minded individuals could on an individual level refuse to participate in an act that betrays their convictions as long as the business itself donít have a policy stating that itís employees are unable to participate.

    Gay Marriage: I believe that the government needs to get out he the marriage game altogether. People have many reasons for wanting to link themselves financially and socially and the government could find a more religious natural way to express this. Sexually should not be a reason people cannot coexist together. The government shouldnít care or even know what someone personal life is.

    Gender Identity: Honestly, I donít understand it but has I said itís up to individuals to fallow their own convictions.

    Death Penalty:
    I donít believe in killing people as punishment is effect. Nor, do I believe we can ever be confident enough in a person crime to justify ending their life. Time has shown that we are just not that good at conviction the right person.

    Gender Workplace Diversity: force diversity in any setting is setting is unwise. People and individuals have different skill sets and should be looked at on an individual basis as if their demographics didnít exist. This is unlikely to make a completely diverse workplace because human nature tends to move in group think and less diverse ways. The point is to forget about your demographics and look for talent for its own sake even if it doesnít match your traditional demographic.

    Women in Combat: Much like the previous statement it should be judged on an individual level. Is this person combat ready? If so, and they wish to be in combat their gender shouldnít play a role.

    Marital Rape: Rape is rape, I believe that the victim in these cases ought to leave the abusive marriage and itís somewhat on them to make that choice. But yes, itís still rape and should be prosecuted as such.

    Confederate Flag: As far as history goes the Confederate loss the Civil War and therefore State Governments within the United States should distant themselves from this false state. Individuals while Iím my opinion ďredneckĒ have a right to support whatever symbols they wish as long as they respect other rights to not agree with them.

    Personally, I donít even like Euthanizing animals. Euthanizing removed the chance even if itís only slightly someone can recover. I understand the emotion and the empathy involved but this donít outweigh the hope of life for me.

    Niqab/head Scarves: Like I said many times itís up to individuals to fallow their own convictions, therefore the only time were these garments would be inappropriate in when someone needs to be able to identify the person. However, they should be able to simply reveal themselves for identification then cover up again.

    Separation of Church and State: This provision is most important when it implies that the State cannot interfere with religious organizations as long as they fallow common laws and respect individual rights.

    Health Care: I am in favor of a single payer system as I believe that this give the most power to the citizens when it comes to coast. It also has the advantage that it is much easier to identify abuse in the system when one entity has all the data.

    Border Wall: Waist of time and money when other public work project are more important and dire.

    Immigration: We need to accept new young immigrants to offset the demands of an aging population. This should be handled and a fair and easy as possible way possible. We do need to off preferences to skilled and educated immigrants especially in areas where we are short. These immigrant and temporary labors should be protected by the same right as US citizens.

    Cuba and other previous hostel nations:
    We should work to normalize relationship as quickly and benefitable as possible with all nations.
    Marijuana: if used as a medical drug it should be used and manufactured, and regulated like any other drug. Blank use of any new recreational drugs seems unwise to me.

    Gun Regulations: The second amendment is outdated and misunderstood but most people. This isnít to say the gun ownership is hurtful in of itself. However, it need to be regulated and reworked that gun ownership is for recreational and wild life protection only. Gun as self-defiance is both statically unsound and highly problematic given the diversity of the United States. (and no I donít mean racial diversity here I am speaking of physical and intellectual diversity)

    Net Neutrality:
    I am for Net Neutrality as the loss of such would be very hurtful to those that try to start new internet based businesses. The internet is one of the best even playing Felds for new businesses and if someone could make a profit off of picking winners they will.

    Whistle-blowers: I believe the people that inform their own citizens of misdoings in the government should be protected because it is a good check and balance on the system. The information should not jeopardize the lives of agents and must be worthy of leaking. This should be decided by a court of peers. Liking unnecessary classified information or personal and compromising (to their well-being) information about individuals should be prosecuted. The government should be allowed to define themselves however, if the leak proves that they are not fallowing constitutional guidelines, international guidelines, or the best interest of the citizens then the leaker isnít capable of any wrong doing.

    Education: Education is the best way to even out the playing field of children and young adults. Therefore, Primary, vocational, and Secondary education should be offered to all for either free or reasonable price to pay as you go.
    Equal Pay: base pay should be the same for all employees doing the same job. Performance pay raises should not take demographics into account only the performance of the employee.

    Minimum Wage: Wages should be based off a percentage of business performance. Business succeed or fail based off the back of there labor. Therefore, successful business should pay their employees well. I suggest using the percentage scale that no employee of a business can make less than 30% (or what every works) of the highest payed employee including owners and stock holders. I also support the idea of a minimum wage were the government help subsidize small businesses that meat some requirements.

    Affirmative Action: As I mentioned before forced diversity isnít effective. Let it grow organically by removing demographics from the equation all together.

    Domestic and Foreign policies

    Electoral College: This is an outdated system that was introduced in a time were state citizenship was emphasized over National citizenship. This may still exist in some areas in the United States but overall most Americans (US) believe themselves to be just that. The electoral college unfairly favors smaller states with lower populations. Whoever when the popular vote in national elections should win the vote. This still normally, happens however recently it been more and more common that someone loses while still wining the majority vote.

    Lobbying: I believe this opens the door for political bribery, were lobbies were designed to give a voice for likeminded groups. It transformed quite organically into a pay door for bribery and corruptions. Therefore, they need to be eliminated for the house floor or meeting with government officials in person. There should also be a crime for offering or accepting any kind of gifts from these groups.

    Campaign Finance: the only way to solve the pay to play issue in the government is to enforce a government financed elections. The government set aside a given amount of aid for each major political race and give out that aid even as well as paying for debates and public air time that any candidate can use. I would support and government YouTube style campaign site too.

    Government Transparency:
    I believe that all government secretes should have a shelf life and necessary ones. I believe that to be a government official that you are agreeing to relinquishing your personal privacy for the betterment of the citizenship. Therefore, any and every action you make can be expanded and qualified by the public. Yes, confidentiality is sometime necessary however, as system by the people for the people should be very particular about what is hidden and nothing should stay hidden forever.

    Terrorism: We as a nations (U.S.) need to put resources and infrastructure in place to protect and secure our citizenship from all politically based mass attacks. However, to do such we have to dial back (not eliminate) the resource we place on foreign terrorism. Because no matter how serious the threat my feel domestic terrorism is the real threat that is constantly put US citizens in harmís way. There should be a major two prong approach but the focus should be inward as that is and has historically been the largest threat.

    Military Spending: Much like the previous example I believe that this issue huge. Military spending in the US is out of control. We spend more than the next 4 countries combine. I have no problem with be close to the top of that least even the top if it was close but this is way too much and itís the reason why most social programs are financially unfeasible in the US. Therefore, we need to gut the budget hard and focus the budget on having the best defiance force in the world and taking care of our current and former officials. This would mean leaving many of the nationís we current defined to themselves at least when it comes to instant defiance. Which I understand may be hard of them but realistically Americans canít be forced to for the peace of every country on the world. This isnít sustainable financially or politically. Iím not saying we should leave peace keep forces like NATO or UN forces We should and likely would continue to support the world in these efforts. We just need to bring our forces home for national protection primarily.

    Israel: As you can tell from my former post I do not agree with support any nation militarily (Israel being a nation is included in this). I am all for a two-state solution and if Israel wants US diplomats to help in that process I am supportive of that effort. However, Israel is in own country and it should be allowed for raise for fall on its own merits. Israel should also not be given favored treatment when it comes to our allies and other nations. When Israel like commits human rights violations, they should be judged the same as every other nation.

    Torture: First off torture is only effective at one thing. That is to get a person to say or do as you wish. Since, the point of justice is to get to the truth not to get people to say something despite the truth. Torture shouldnít be used.
    Gerrymandering: The process needs to be removed from government officials and be replaced with a non-biases computer algorithm. We have the technology we can fix him (I mean it)

    Taxes: Should be simplified. I am for a graduated tax system however it should be able to be explained in a no more than 10-page booklet.

    Government Spending: There should be a pecking order of important.

    1. General Welfare (food and healthy housing)
    2. Education/research
    3. Health care/Rescue/medical research
    4. Public Infrastructure
    a. Roads
    b. Tracks
    c. Bridges
    d. Electrical grid
    e. Internet grid/public wifi
    f. Sanitation
    g. Cellar/satellite stability
    5. Scientific research
    6. Public services/criminal justice
    7. Military and protection services
    8. Foreign Aid

    This isnít to say that any of these are not important but when you focus of people needs many of the other problems are less prolific and then need less financial funding

    Monopoly: Great Game bad for the people. Economic stability only works from the ground up. The problem with Mega corporations is that eventually they donít have anyone left to support their growth. Eventually, large companies if they have too much stock in employment populations basically become legalized slave owners. Yes, they may pay their works but if your works only has one place to work (over very few) they no longer have a choice and are forced to play by your rules no matter how hurtful they are to the employee as they are better than living without a wage. However, that very theoretical and not a reality in our times likely because Mergers and Corporate Monopolies are regulated by the government. However, in more realistic terms large corporations have the ability to unfairly undercut competition leading to unfair business practices.

    Offshore Banking: Personally, I think US Citizens and Corporations that acting inside the US board should be forced to claim all profits within the boards of the United States and pay taxes on them. If someone is found in violations they should be subjected to back taxes plus a penalty upward of %100. You should be able to put your money were ever you want you should have to disclose these transaction to the government though.

    Climate Change: is happening and we ought to do anything reasonable to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

    Alternative Energy: I think we should support renewable energy for many reason including sustainability and climate change.

    Criminal Justice:
    Iíve studied the currently US Criminal Justice Systems for many years now as I minored in Criminal Justice in college and plan to continue a degree in Forensics when I go back to school. The general consensus is that the system is Broken. It doesnít properly punish criminals or protect society form re-offenders. The system is at the same time to harsh and not harsh enough. Like taxes over time it has become blotted both in the legality since and the physical since of overcrowding in the prison system. Every decade or so every society needs to review and re-consolidates its legal system. However, the US system has had on over-hale in over 200 years. I have very specific changes I would make to the system however, the most important thing is that it needs to be simplified and unified so that people can move about the country and understand what is and is not lawful.

    Sorry about the political rant but this is one of my newest interest and I have opinions on just about everything.

    Speaking of interests here is a list of Interest I would talk with anyone on. Please note that I have or will have an opinion on just about every topic but here are topics that I have more knowledge and current interest in.

    Personality testing



    Forensic Science and Criminology
    Theoretical/science Fiction
    Social Sciences
    (not super interested in biology as much)

    Theology (mostly Christian, theology sense that is the faith I prescribe to but I have read many non-Christian theological writings)

    Mythology and Mythology/Folklore retelling in all mediums.

    Comic books
    Clean comedy
    Horror (more scary than gore for gore sack)

    Board Gaming
    Table Top RPG
    LARPing (Iíve only done it once so far but I did enjoy it.)
    WoW (World of Warcraft is the only video Iím still playing though I do like to play other Platform/PC games sometimes)
    Mobile Gaming (currently playing DC Injustice 2)

    Theories and strange ideas (I like learning about them I donít necessarily prescribe to the them)


    Names and meanings

    Symbolism and meanings

    Same basic categories as movies I like but I do also enjoy video commentaries about my interests and how to videos on YouTube.

    Physical Activities
    I like to swim and sometimes go for walks with my wife but to be honest Iím not nearly as physically active as I ought to be and I am mostly content with that.
    And Ext, Ext, Ext

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    What an unbelievably comprehensive introduction post. Welcome!

    Feel free to head on over to the "news/current events" section of the forum, as it's evident you have an interest in discussing these issues (as do I).

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    If I only remember 1/4 of that I could convincingly lie about being married to you for 10 years.
    I will accept no further friend requests. This doesn't mean I don't love you or anything so don't be offended.

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    Wow, we should have a thread with just headers where we all fill-in our position on pertinent points.
    Welcome, BTW
    I'm brilliant and everyone else is an arse.

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    Wow, nice job organizing all of that. Ordered lists, sublists, all that indentation and bold headings, I am truly impressed. Terrible spelling though. And Ext, Ext, Ext

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    Yes, that isn't the half of it.

    I understand my spelling needs work.

    Thanks I'll look into the current issues forum.

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    See ^ I can be concise if I want to be. It's just not who I am.
    Last edited by AntisocialENTP; 06-16-2017 at 08:58 PM. Reason: Sorry, fixed Concise.

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    Excellent and comprehensive introduction. Unprecedented, in my experience.

    Welcome aboard!

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    I remember you. I hope you stay.
    Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

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    Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent. - Mao

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