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Thread: 3 reasons why the ear is the best body part

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    3 reasons why the ear is the best body part

    Reason #1: The malleus, incus, and stapes bones, or collectively the ossicles.

    Reason #2: The cochlea (unrolls to show tonotopic organization): lower frequencies are located at the apex of the cochlea, whereas higher ones are located at the base

    Reason #3: Hair cell mechanoreceptors

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    I read an article on Gordon Hempton not too long ago. There were a few bits in it that I found interesting, one of which was the concept of sound being our primary sense. Makes sense in some ways, though our typical urban environments render hearing a lot less useful as a sense.

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    I'll add a fourth, the vestibular complex for balance/sense of movement direction. Why is this co-located with sense of hearing in inner ear?

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