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Thread: Non-Traditional Careers/Goals

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    Quote Originally Posted by last_caress View Post
    There's one like this right down the street from me. Half the place is a game shop and then there's a large back room with lots of tables where people play all sorts of board games, rpgs and table top stuff. I've only been there a couple of times but it looks pretty cool though my friend says the owner is a dick.

    Anyway, I think they sell some snacks and stuff there but it's right near a well stocked gas station, drug store, subway, chinese, ice cream, 7/11 etc. so there's probably too much competition to go all in on that. Location would be a relevant consideration if refreshments were a primary revenue stream.
    I would assume all this is very true. Like I said I'm not a Entrepreneur yet. I'm sure there is a lot of stuff none of us have even considered yet. These are Goals biased purely off of a little research on what kind of business I would find interesting. If I don't love my business than there is no way I'm going to convince anyone else to love it.

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    Board Game Cafe sounds cool. But like other said. Seems hard to make money. Perhaps if the cafe was ancillary to retail space, it might work. One or two tables.

    Maybe intermittent tourneys for public relations.

    But ultimately hard to scale.

    Mmmm......maybe if you created your own local league. Your Cafe served as HQ. I could see that working nicely.

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