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Thread: Hooked on Phonics: Sappho's Greatest Hits

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    Hooked on Phonics: Sappho's Greatest Hits

    When there's not enough new material on the forum to release a new album, what do you do? A Greatest Hits album, of course. Preferably someone well-known of prolific talent, and slightly controversial. If this goes well, stay tuned for the next album of another dearly departed.

    Mostly known for either her Carl Sagan like efforts to bring classical music to the masses, or for being a walking embodiment of a Jane Austen character, or for her get-the-last-word-in combativeness, she gracefully planted seeds of culture across the forums:

    Inspiring languages and multilingualism
    Ancient Greek anyone
    What's the most embarrassing thing you've said in a foreign language?
    Estimate The Size Of Your Vocabulary

    There's always music in the air when she's around
    Music From Your Childhood
    Piano Thread
    Test your pitch perception
    The World As I Hear It
    The INTPx Theme Music Project
    Which should be the (musical) INTP Complex Theme?

    Making her fellow Austrian, Freud, proud:
    Left and Right: A Psychological Conjecture Game
    Tell Me Your Favourite Pokémon, And I Will Tell You Who You Are
    How to see through anyone (in 5 minutes)!!!!!!!!

    Tickling our minds:
    The INTPx Vault of Logic Riddles
    Riddle Thread #2: Figure Out the Backstory of People's Old Passwords

    Promoting general knowledge:
    The Best and Worst on Coursera
    Fine Art Appreciation Thread

    Encouraging us to venture out and to remember to put our clothes on, or try to make friends: (Fucking weirdo)
    The Great Socialising Challenge
    What Are You Wearing?
    Pen Pals

    Trying to inject some J into our P lives:
    Productivity Link Collection
    Fixing Things
    Procrastination Hit Parade

    Foo foo shit:
    Folding 1000 Paper Cranes
    Gardening & Botany Thread

    And last, but not least:
    Try to get this visual out of your head

    And why go through all this trouble you ask? (If you're asking). Because you fuckers are barely posting.

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    This should be a menu selection! - maybe a confab classic addendum.
    Just sayin'

    Sappho is to tonal composition as Chuck Norris is to being Chuck Norris.

    Sappho once saved a man from suicide with just one chord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limey View Post
    Sappho once saved a man from suicide with just one chord.
    Wait, does that mean she killed him with piano wire before he could commit suicide?

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    Doubt thou the stars are fire;
    Doubt that the sun doth move;
    Doubt truth to be a liar;
    But never doubt I...

    ...miss Sappho's posts.

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