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You've inspired me to realize the obvious and best answer. You agree to the task, but, given how long this argument has been going on, surely the event deserves a little ceremony, right? So if you're going to do it, you want to make it like an awards show. You can make a video of the whole thing to post to Youtube so the world will know, but if you were to just give a list, it wouldn't stick. If it would have any gravitas. You need a little drama to sell the masses.

Have the genies all pile into the same bottle, and then, you'll call them out one by one and give their ranking, and receive their blessing, and you won't reveal your choices unless they agree. Obviously, any attempt on their part to coerce you is going to taint the results, so either they agree to these terms or never know the answer.

Once they're in the bottle, call out whichever one you want, tell them they come in second and then put a stopper in the bottle and promise to return when you've decided who to call next.
I approve of this labor thrust upon querulous wish-granting beings who cannot settle their own dispute. Clearly, you don't need "Power," you already have it in their need for your answer. The spectacle begets "Wealth" eliminating the need for its wish. Wealth, as our pragmatic world teaches, typically grants Love and Luck. Oh, the romantics will shake their fingers and the superstitious toss their incredulous looks, but we all know the truth. This leaves only "Immortality" being relevant to personal tastes. A win all around.