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Thread: Terrible Parody Post Titles That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rando Calrissian
    So I was talking to this dude the other day right, and he tells me, "Have you ever noticed how much cyberpunk dystopias remind you of strip clubs? Though?"

    I mean, if we'd been talking it might not have been odd, but these were the first words this dude ever spoke to me, right? So there's no place to draw contrast from. To make it weirder, I didn't make a typo. He'd finished his question. It would have been an interesting question, though, if he'd just left it as is, but instead he asks a "Though?" right after! That's how I know he didn't just have second thoughts about offering a contrast or apologia--He didn't trail off, he raised his eyebrows and ducked his chin for emphasis on the interrogative. If not for that though, we might have been friends.
    For some, "how", not "why", is the fundamental unit of measure for curiosity. This divergence is neither parallel, nor straight. Where one might have a "why?-5" problem, it might only be a "how?-2" question. But then, there are also many things where the "why?" is immediately obvious but the "how?" is best measured in centuries of perpetual wonder. Both approaches have their drawbacks.

    If one is superior, the other is unaware of it.

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