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Thread: The Limey Hits: Making America English Again

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    The Limey Hits: Making America English Again

    The resident @Loki of the forum, many times incomprehensible, speaking in movie or lyrics tongue, or in the language of the blue screen of death. Quite likely the precursor to the singularity. Might ruffle some features if you can even understand him.

    Limey's photographs
    With his bionic eyes, he captures the beauty of the human world.
    Fun fact: At the time of posting this thread, Limey's photography thread had 37,764 views.

    Never shying away from Politics & Religion:
    Political Compass Test
    Brexit - Britain leaving the European Union
    Radio Brexit
    Catholic, or Muslim?

    Trying to understand how the world of humans works:
    Efficiency and cost cutting thread
    Schematic porn
    Car Talk
    Post Uber ride/driver reviews

    And practicing to sound like them:
    Masterclass theater: perform a member's post (Parental Guidance Suggested)

    Pretending to consume human foods and drinks
    What's for dinner?

    Socializing with the humans:
    Does anyone play Ingress?
    Vulcan 'pick up' lines

    Always impeccably dressed:
    Naff Knitwear

    Mischief managed:
    It's takes one to know one: Racist Teacher, Trolling Teen, or Something In-between?
    Misquotes and Misattributions
    Would you rather?

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    Oh wow!
    Thanks! This is like having my own confab classics.
    Now I can just come here if I want to keep trying to keep some of these alive instead of letting them die with grace and humility. It's like denying them their right to euthanasia.

    Huh, I should have created that coffee thread from scratch, seems to be a runaway conversation from another thread, maybe if I had planned for it, I would have been a better father to it.

    I might give some of these another boot.

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    You're welcome. I'm looking at the top posters in terms of volume (and not moderators), as they likely have a lot of threads. You're a bit of an anomaly because you have a volume of posts but relatively few threads compared to thread-making machines like Madrigal. I like looking at anomalies. Your photography thread and efficiency thread seem to draw in a lot of views. When you're not being the class clown, it looks like your topics bring people to the site. (Just speculation because I don't have the actual stats, can only see the general views on the thread listings).

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    Excellent thread. This forum can do with contributions that aren't just fluff.

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