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Thread: The Last Kingdom

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    (This is a TJ-has-a-big-project-to-work-on-and-is-therefore-procrastinating day.)

    So, since there's no more Last Kingdom for right now (Season 3 summer of 2018! I hope) and also I have a full plate in terms of time commitments, I've started listening to this audiobook of a different Bernard Cromwell novel from a different series.

    I've decided that I really like Bernard Cromwell books, even though this is the first one I'm actually reading. I don't even remember what it's called, and it's in the middle of a series. But anyway, this one, like The Last Kingdom, and like Sharpe, presents an engaging action story featuring sympathetic characters working around corrupt systems in a grim environment. Not too complicated, reliably entertaining.

    This variant is named Thomas Hookton (sp?). He's an Englishman, bastard son of a priest. He was educated for the church but fell in love with the English longbow. He rides around France as a leader of mercenaries, winning battles, making money, and often running afowl of corrupt lords, priests, and the entire system of the medieval church. Intelligent, independent women who likewise chafe against the existing system (eg being thought sub-human, property) abound.

    Oh and in the meantime Hookton uncovers powerful religious artifacts and then chucks them into the ocean so that the corrupt powers can't exploit them, like a cynical, medieval Indiana Jones (but instead of a museum, it belongs at the bottom of the sea... oh well).

    I feel confident that should I ever find myself in an airport or some such place, in need of an entertaining and satisfying novel to pass the time, anything by Bernard Cromwell should fit the bill.
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    Watched S2E5.

    There has been some lengthy discussion here about Anglo-Saxon history and I don't have anything to add to that. On the Vikings, however, I think it's rather convenient to have just a single Viking woman in the whole show who acted like a scout most of the time. It's pretty insulting. Viking women were powerful warriors, there should be more in Ragnar's or Ubba's army when they reached Northumbria. Even Thyra and her mother didn't bear arms. They showed courage, yes, but that was it.

    Alfred's wife, Aelswith, is the very embodiment of a Christian noblewoman. The acting was good. I love-hate watching her.

    What spoke to me the most was when Halig died. I cried with Uhtred (maybe not really cried but my eyes were misty). It was a weird feeling, a powerful one.
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