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Thread: Create your own typology

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    B/E Believer vs Empiricist -- Do you just need to know in your heart you are right, or do you need proof?
    A/R Actor vs Reactor -- Do you drive your emotions or do your emotions drive you?
    C/O Covert vs Overt -- Do you keep it all close to the chest, or do you need everyone to know what you are doing/thinking/feeling?
    H/F Holder vs Forgetter -- Do you hold grudges or do you tend to forget what the fight was about before it's even over?

    I'm calling it the BACH test.

    I'm EACF I think. I googled it but no one has made any tests yet. Hey, @Utisz, you aren't bored are you?
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    Questions to flush out those "Shy Trump Voters."

    Are you...?

    C: An Enneagram Type 9 or 6, a modern-day Willy Loman, the strong, silent type, sentimental

    B: A cat lover, brash, feel empowered, have internal locus of control, excited about the future

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