I agree, this is something I should figure out sooner rather than later. Unless my luck changes, I don't see myself being able to afford a good assisted living facility. So... currently I live in the downtown area of a city with the best hospital in the state. And I own a condo in the downtown area. So maybe I keep it, and install one of those stairway....I don't know what they are called. But they are kind of like the bunny hill ropes that pull you up the hill, except they have little chairs that pull you up the stairs. There is a volunteer group that sends people out to help with chores and errands for elderly people that still live in their own homes. And there's meals on wheels. And there are several grocery stores that deliver. I don't want to go to a small town. Even 40 minutes outside the city the quality of care decreases dramatically.

There's a book which I haven't read in probably 15 years, but it is about a woman who runs across an elderly neighbor or something and reluctantly starts helping her out. And it really drove home how the most ordinary tasks, like bathing yourself or going to the store, can become practically impossible to do without help. I think it's incredibly important to take good care of yourself when you are young- eat well, get exercise, don't be obese, smoke, or drink too much etc. Not that that's any guarantee that it won't all go to shit. I think the book was written by Doris Lessing under a pseudonym, but I don't remember the pseudonym or the name of the book.

I would have never thought of getting in touch of the chaplain of the hospital, because I'm agnostic. Thank you for that tip.