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Thread: Where do you fit in the dominance hierarchy (for males).

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    My wolf-pack went in (catastrophe-mode) agressively attacking their little BOTHER (whom created a Defensive Weapon) ... Little did they know, I'm a Master of Dark Arts, and line General Maximus I can create Fire from No Thing.

    So today I'm known as No Thing, another name for Royalty. BOW before me King ... He is is The Great, The Mighty, Allah! Somewhere in The Ether said Truthfully Honestly with all Respect

    Me or you Ptah :P

    Nah, Ptah is good

    PS: Between Paranthesis are INFP citations

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    It is I, Dadaman DaDaMan's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    I don’t fit in any hierarchy, I am above all hierarchies.

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