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Thread: Trump's Last 100 Days

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxyjen View Post
    They are so desperate to know what Mueller knows...
    I would assume Mueller knows everything. He's building a case now, which is to say he's seeking corroborating evidence. The real question is, how much can Mueller prove in court without burning sensitive intelligence sources?

    Quote Originally Posted by stuck View Post
    The scandals, Trump's big mouth, his twitter, it's to draw fire as the Republicans dismantle the government, which they're doing extremely effectively.
    Trump is a real-life Zaphod Beeblebrox. His job as President is to distract attention away from the people who really run the galaxy country.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Mexico View Post
    I'd almost call that shrewd strategic thinking--except it isn't shrewd at all because the idea that the US government ever could actually administrate the politics of the whole Arabian/Levant region in a functional manner is ludicrously delusional. (Aside from obvious other concerns, which I'm not unaware of or unconcerned about.)
    It didn't turn out very well for the Ottoman Empire either.

    I'm concerned about neocon government. If they think they can build economic power through the exercise of military power, they're wrong. It's the other way round, and the history of the US from the Civil War through the 1950s is proof.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitz View Post
    He'd still make a more worthy recipient than Obama

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    Quote Originally Posted by pensive_pilgrim View Post
    He'd still make a more worthy recipient than Obama
    I don't know about that, but Obama didn't deserve it. He had a mandate to do a lot of good, and he mostly squandered it. He has three achievements, as I see it:

    1. Half-assed healthcare reform.
    2. Not prosecuting states that legalize marijuana.
    3. The Iran nuclear deal, which is now in the trash, but was at the time an uncharacteristically bold move for him. (Maybe he did deserve one for that, but he got the prize long before that.)

    I think the thing that summarizes how I feel about the Obama presentation can be summed up in the fact that they apparently knew all about the Russian interference in the election, but chose to do nothing because it would have undermined the norms of democracy, or something. In effect, the presidency was a big "sure, we could do something, but it wouldn't look good, so we won't.". That's why I was so impressed by the Iran deal. It was the kind of thing that pissed off people on all different sides, from all different groups, but made perfect sense to do. I wish more of his administration had been like that, although I can't say I was surprised.
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