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Thread: INTPx conspiracy theories

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    Theory: It thinks this forum ruined its spaghetti, and it is lashing out against Ptah, the forum and particular members who for whatever reason it deems responsibile for that failure. Perhaps someone posted a really shitty spaghetti recipe at some point.

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    Both John Clay and BarIII are carefully cultivated personas by otherwise normal people who post the way they do for the lulz, and may or may not be the same person.

    Personal belief in the above conspiracy: 50/50
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    This site is monitored by those seeking to keep the thinkers subdued. The most effective tactic learned so far for keeping the thoughts away is to distract the thinkers, whom usually have less developed emotional resilience, with taunts about their logic. This usually results in the thinker quickly becoming overwhelmed with underdeveloped negative feelings and in a state which they can no longer engage productively.
    Just look at the blue sky

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