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Thread: Quick, Healthy Eating on a Budget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interprétation erronée View Post
    Pssht, ectomorphs!

    Here's a recipe for muscular active types that tastes good and sticks to the ribs.

    Recipe: Slop

    1 lb ground turkey/beef
    1 cup soy sauce
    1 cup worcestershire sauce
    1 packet of brown gravy
    1 cups rice
    1 rice cooker
    1 non-stick skillet
    1 spatula
    1 hefty appetite

    Fry, mix, eat. Done.

    Thank me later.
    With that much salt you probably don't even need to cook it

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    If you're not vegetarian, try frying and cooking with lard. It costs a fraction of both olive oil and butter and yields an incredibly rich taste.


    Farmer's Breakfast
    - potatoes (firm, waxy kind)
    - lard
    - bacon (the cheapest will do fine)
    - half an onion
    - 1-2 eggs
    - salt, pepper, paprika
    - gherkins

    Boil firm, waxy potatoes slices in salted water until almost done. (This can be done in advance to save time.) Heat lard in a skillet until it is very hot. Place boiled potato slices in skillet in one layer. While they are roasting, chop half an onion and some bacon. Sprinkle roast potatoes with pepper, salt and a pinch of paprika, then flip. (They will already be gorgeously crispy on one side.) Add chopped onion and bacon to the pan, but don't mix until the other side of the potatoes is crispy as well. Mix eventually, roast for another few moments and arrange it all on a plate. In the hot pan, quickly scramble an egg or two (this will literally ten seconds or less). Add the scrambled egg(s) to your plated potatoes. Garnish with parsley and grated cheddar cheese (optional). Serve with gherkins.

    Delicious, hearty, with lots of fibre and quite a bit of protein. Whipped this up for lunch today and was quite taken aback by the rich flavour. I also prepped more boiled potatoes, chopped onion and bacon than I needed, so I can simply throw this together tomorrow for breakfast in 5-8 minutes.

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