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Thread: Help. I have fallen for an INTP!!

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    I was, not all that long ago in a short-lived relationship, where I (32 yo male INTP) was dating a 26 yo female ENFP. It was very trying. Some of the MBTI literature claims it's an okay pairing, I'm skeptical. This girl was nice and bubbly and caring on the surface, but treated me like shit ultimately, and it was very difficult to speak candidly without setting her off.
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    I think I'm liking ESFJs. Must be the J in me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confused ENFP View Post
    Age difference. Now is when you guys get a good laugh. I could literally be her father.
    I dated a guy old enough to be father, - for a year.

    He was like XNTX

    Was very protective, in a quiet way.
    Very supportive. Made me feel very secure.
    Eventually he started talk bout taking me abroad, and then I started being a twat.. I'm not entirely sure how it fizzled out... But in the end, I think age played a huge part in it.

    We had a good fling, but long term he needed a mature woman, and I didn't need/want a sugar daddy

    Might have missed some of the story, but I'm not sure it's normal for any INTP to be crying that much... And yea, it doesn't sound like she's that interested.

    Find somebody who wants your love, and good luck
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