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Thread: Life Hacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sistamatic View Post
    Wear a lab coat so everything you say sounds smart.
    Use big words/phrases you've cheery picked from a Sam Harris video (ie) acclimatize or mapping stuff onto other stuff (eg) When studying the Eastern meditative arts back in college it required significant acclimatization through mapping certain peripheral concentration strategies from my studies onto my transcendental meditation pursuit, to ultimately steepen the learning curve on my path to enlightenment. I just want to quickly plant a flag here in terms of flag planting because something's really resonated with me like quantum strings. So, you said that...

    Sam's an unsung genius. Sam makes being on the autistic spectrum so cool. Sam's an INTJ mastermind. I love Sam. Sam sam sam spam spam spam.
    Quote Originally Posted by Limes View Post
    Jan Bonclay
    “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ― Malcolm X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horatio View Post
    Whoa, calm down, Machiavelli.

    #2 and #4 aren't life hacks, they're manipulation.
    life hacks are techniques that make your life easy. in this context, they are life hacks.
    Loneliness isn't being alone with no one to talk to. Loneliness is being surrounded by so many people, none of whom sees the real you. Loneliness isn't an island. It's a sea of people moving through you and past you. It's a storm of empty days and empty moments, going through the motions and hoping that just for one day your emptiness is filled.

    Loneliness isn't a state of being alone, but a state of not being fully understood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
    life hacks are techniques that make your life easy. in this context, they are life hacks.
    They aren't useful objectively if they involve dishonesty and actively cause detriment to another person.

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    This one is a bit odd, and I can't promise it will increase the likelihood of getting chores done, but it seems to help me.

    I used to write todo lists by brainstorming things I needed to do and writing them down. Obviously this leads to a soulcrushing list. Not every time, but often. I'm too ambitious. This leads to step two. Triage.

    I love triage. It lets me commit to action and accept defeat elsewhere in trade. As a bonus, it feels like work so once I've pared down, I feel like I've already accomplished something when mostly I've just laid out what I wouldn't be doing. Then I'd stop and work my list. Not necessarily in order. There's a complex calculus conditioned on a variety of matters of convenience that guide the ordering. But I was wrong to stop there.

    Try making the list of tasks a story. It works best with complex tasks being broken into discrete steps, but if a haphazard day can be a coherrent blag post after the fact, surely it's possible to envision such a day beforehand. If you can't, you might want to rethink asking it od yourself. Feel free to plan for awkward or zany events. Be prepared.

    When you're done, you'll have a few gifts to assist you.

    First, you know it's possible. Or at least you should believe it's possible.

    Second, you have something to compare your day to. This might lead to happy surprises when things are simpler than anticipated. It can also lead to greater appreciation for your own toughness or resilience if things are more difficult than expected, but surmountable.

    When it comes to the major crises, well, unprepared is unprepared. Best of luck and try again tomorrow. Unless your house blew up and so laundry soap doesn't have the same urgency, which is ironic because you'd now be completely out and have nothing clean to wear the next day for your first day on your dream job.

    Third, you've got a Roman Room of your tasks in the order you think optimal to do them.
    For some, "how", not "why", is the fundamental unit of measure for curiosity. This divergence is neither parallel, nor straight. Where one might have a "why?-5" problem, it might only be a "how?-2" question. But then, there are also many things where the "why?" is immediately obvious but the "how?" is best measured in centuries of perpetual wonder. Both approaches have their drawbacks.

    If one is superior, the other is unaware of it.

    --Meditations on Uncertainty Vol ξ(x)

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