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Thread: Life Hacks.

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    There's no purpose for the adhesive in the center of nasal strips. The ends need it because they pull outwards. The center is just pressed against your nose as long as the ends have the adhesive. Why get more glue on your nose than necessary? I put a piece of tissue in the center. The flesh colored ones are made of a smellier plastic. I think the clear ones are healthier, though I think the glue is different. The clear ones have gooier glue that makes the strips easier to remove ("gentle") but I think more glue stays on your nose and probably penetrates deeper into your skin. It also penetrates more layers of tissue. I recommend three layers of two ply tissue. I tear off a strip from a tissue and fold it over twice. I have a whole technique that I won't get into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarIII View Post
    I have a whole technique that I won't get into.
    The less the better.

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    if you hate hang over grade dry heaving try this trick. drink a couple 16 oz cups of water. put your middle and index fingers* down your throat and quickly shove them to the back. this induces projectile vomiting. drink more water this time except do everything harder and puke again. digested crap should start coming up. do it a third time if you have the energy. then take 4 crushed 500 mg servings of acetametaphin. toss and wash. do a bump (JK). thank me later.

    *the fingering trick takes practice but when you've got it down you'll feel like you've mastered both aspects of alcohol consumption.
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