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Thread: Veteran's Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robcore View Post
    While it serves to deal with imminent threats
    Hmm... it's commonly an extension of politics. The reaction to 9/11 probably wasn't to deal with a threat (spending $6 trillion dollars and losing hundreds of thousands of lives probably wasn't the most effective option of reducing the threat) as much as it was to be seen to provide an acceptable military reprisal to an attack.

    Hell, the increase in the road toll from people not flying was more than the number killed in the towers.

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    Thank you for signing up to do shit that no one else wants to do and for putting your psyche, if not necessarily your life, on the line.

    Having said that, the whole concept of Veterans Day always annoys me. I think that we should let Memorial Day cover all soldiers, living and dead, and Armistice Day (11th day of the 11th month - what the fuck were they thinking trying to coopt that) should remind us of the heavy cost of war.
    Too bad, Lady Une. You were far too lenient.
    As a soldier, yes. But as a civilian I lived an austere life.

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    Last year on vet day I happened to go to a restaurant and they happened to ask me if I was a vet because they'd give a discount. I said yes. They asked for proof. I didn't have any. They denied me my discount.

    I renewed my drivers license this year and went through the trouble of bringing the documents to have vet status put on it this time. Cause discount.

    I went to a restaurant on vet day with my shiny vet status on my drivers license. They didn't ask, and I didn't tell.
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    my crime is that i disrupted the echo chamber

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