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Thread: Why do so many INTPs smoke?

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    I don't smoke, but flirted with it decades ago. I am surprised it's still popular. It's not addicting, I used a pipe for some six months then dropped it, never had any cravings.

    Instead my habit is tea which I picked up in Japan, I drink upwards of 8-10 cups or more though I quit by noon. There's a comfort in a cuppa, the ritual and such, but I can stop drinking if I need (though it makes me dull and useless). I swear I am smarter by drinking tea (meaning it makes me smarter), and it has documented health and mental benefits so that is a good reason to drink it too. I used to drink coffee but while tea really does wake you up while calming you down, coffee just wakes you up times 10 (or me at least).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky balbotox View Post
    If you wanted to use the principles of classical conditioning to extinguish the behavior by associating the cigarette with pain: you would have someone punch you in the nuts every time you open the pack of cigarettes-- the pain has to be severe enough, otherwise it won't work
    I'm pretty sure this will just make you want to smoke every time someone punches you in the nuts.
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