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Thread: Toxic Aluminium in the vaccines

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    yo yo break it down (because you were told to abandon all hope before entry)

    Quote Originally Posted by mara View Post
    I have borrowed the following information
    I know i have no authority here so I'm hoping that the unknown person I've borrowed it from does - this works sometimes

    which came from three presentations by Dr Suzanne Humphries who has some very interesting things to say about vaccines.
    this will mean blah blah blah unless the initial grabby sentence had any effect.

    I strongly recommend that anyone who cares about their health or the health of loved ones
    incite fear as a means of gaining authority.

    watches the presentations which i will post in the thread.
    this is the 'do-ing' bit that for which authority is needed for compliance

    I will post medical studies and the reference numbers so that you can look them up on if you want to check them out for yourself
    if you do your own research you are more likely to digest the information

    Aluminium is used as an 'adjuvant' in many vaccines which is to say that it is used to provoke an immune response in your body.
    spit out a few more facts to maintain authority

    When it is said to many doctors that aluminium is harmful to the body they will often answer that your body receives far more aluminium through food then it does through vaccines however
    the old look how well we know how doctors work card

    your body reacts differently to aluminium when it enters the body through intramuscular injections as opposed to being ingested.
    it was just established that doctors knowledge is understood and therefore limited, should be a good time to introduce a new fact with this injection of fresh authority.

    When aluminium is ingested much of it is excreted from the body in stools and urine but when it is injected into muscle it provokes a response from the immune system.
    blah blah blah I'm getting bored now you should get the picture.

    When it is injected into muscle, such as in a vaccine, aluminium is eaten up by macrophages which then carry it across the blood brain barrier. Once inside the brain it is able to make epigenetic alterations to the functions of genes. This can then create unintended consequences known as ‘non-specific effects’.

    Your General Practitioner will not be able to tell you what epigenetic effects aluminium will have on the genes of the person vaccinated, neither will they be able to tell you of any non-specific effects that may occur as a result of that because they are not a geneticist or a toxicologist or a virologist, therefore they are not experts on vaccines; they simply do as they are told by the government or they risk losing their job[/QUOTE]
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    Dr. Humphries is a kidney doctor who wrote a book with numerous problems. Here's a great article that debunks every claim she makes in her book. (Since, from your pov, posting things more than once is a good idea, I'm assuming it will sway you if I do the same.)

    You claim that the risk of getting vaccinated outweighs the risk of suspending vaccination. In order to support that claim, you posit that the data that show vaccine preventable diseases are dangerous are a lie, and that all the data that say vaccines are safe are also a lie. You fail to establish the method by which this conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of people who have no connection other than the fact that they are all doctors, scientists, researchers, and grad students, has been accomplished. Since this proposed century-long conspiracy would require a multinational coordination level that would put governments, armies, war efforts, and entire bureaucracies to shame, it's about as feasible as the physics in the goblin caves chase scene in The Hobbit movies. Your conspiracy theory has more plot holes than a porno.

    Furthermore, you provide evidence that there is no conspiracy in the form of multiple studies that show the industry is well aware of the potential side effects and is putting considerable effort and money into making them as safe as possible.

    You have a double standard of safety. You hold vaccines to an impossible standard. The rate of side effects and complications of vaccines is very low. If we held all foods and drugs to the standard you seem to expect from vaccines, there would be little left.

    You imply that doctors are not able to tell us the potential side effects of our vaccines. I call bullshit. I get my vaccines from a mere pharmacist, and I get a massive scary info sheet for it just like I get for everything I ever get from a pharmacist.

    Look, the potential side effects of drugs are scary. I get it. Medical shit is scary as hell. Ever had surgery...good lord, the shit you sign going in saying you are aware of all the shit that could go wrong is ... well it isn't a fun place for your brain to go. Medical decisions are all risk-reward. I know someone who almost died when he got his colon perforated during a routine colonoscopy. But despite the risk, the fucking things (no pun, ha) save lives. By your risk/reward criteria, everything from pregnancy to peanuts should be eliminated. When you get a surgery, the risk is high, the reward is high, but both are owned entirely by you. In a vaccination, the risk is low, the reward is high, but the reward is shared by society.

    If you are willing to take, for example, prednisone for poison ivy, but you aren't willing to get a vaccination, I say you are selfish. Here's my reasoning.

    Risk of side effects from prednisone are higher than those for vaccinations.
    Reward of taking prednisone is relief from itching for you alone. Reward for taking vaccination is decreased risk of several debilitating diseases not just for you, but for everyone around you.

    Most antivaxxers are willing to take on risk scenarios far greater than those presented by vaccines. They are unwilling only when the reward must be shared. That's selfish as hell.
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