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Thread: Human Driven Work Robots

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    More Boston Dynamics video:

    I think the robot's AI is doing a better job of balancing itself than a typical human operator micromanaging it could do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starjots View Post
    Wouldn't it be a better use of human mobility to use it on entertainment and use the virtual aspect of our lives more for work as technology allows?
    Generally agree, though I prefer my entertainment virtually. For example I vastly prefer my home theater or listening room for my music and movies, over going to plays, movies or concerts. It's just a better experience.

    Completely agree. Oddly the workforce which should be able to capitalize on this the most - IT - is one of the least telework friendlies, especially at the moment. Google is a master of the virtual but virtually nobody works from home. The narrative is that 'we want to foster innovation by shoving all are workers together in every way possible' (italic my version). Speaking of Google they actually have people who engineer the, of all things, food lines, which forces people to mingle.

    I'm in a unique situation where I'm working from home for months, for the first time ever. I've long wondered how well I'd like it, would I get stir crazy (I like to get away from the computer during the day)? Lonely (INTP's inferior Fe needs some human buzz)? Would I hate mixing work and home? So far, none of that. It's glorious, my productivity is increasing and I'm much happier. I'm able to connect to colleagues as easily as before. Why the improvements? Mainly all the time wasters. Commuting (I have a 10 minutes commute but it adds up), the forced socialization (ESTP boss), and general boredom of the same workplace.

    It's really sad, the whole system is due to managers who don't know how to manage unless they see your pasty face sitting in a chair. I get the impression mine is having trouble with the situation.

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