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Thread: Is the behemoth a dinosaur?

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    Job 40:15-19

    Creationists say that it says it has tail like a cedar... what animal could it be? They think it is a dinosaur!

    BTW in the KJV verse 17 it mentions "stones" which is a euphemism for testicles... the following video argues that "tail" is a euphemism for penis.

    On the topic of penises, there is also Ezekiel 23:20: "There she had longed for her lovers. Their private parts seemed as big as those of donkeys. And their flow of semen appeared to be as much as that of horses." (NIRV)
    I watched. I'll summarize:

    :01 - :40 is a clever song sung to little Sunday School kids about Behemoth the Dinosaur.

    The rest of the video does a very good job of linguistically showing that it's actually Behemoth the Bull Penis. (Well, technically Behemoth is the bull, and the extended cedar the penis... but that's not as amusing)

    So... now watch :01 - :40 again and profit.
    @epistemophiliac - you should watch. I know you're currently studying Hebrew.

    Edit: :01 - :40 gives me PTSD from my childhood.
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    my crime is that i disrupted the echo chamber

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    Quote Originally Posted by stigmatica View Post

    Edit: :01 - :40 gives me PTSD from my childhood.
    Yup. Also it really annoys the ever living shit out of me. People are literally programming their kids from an early age to suck at science. No wonder the south is like a third world country.
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