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Thread: Skam / Shame

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    Skam / Shame

    is anybody watching skam? it's a norwegian tv show, teen drama, super fresh. i love it.

    unfortunately, it's ended after 4 seasons, a victim of its own success.

    Spoiler: trailers
    season 1

    season 2

    season 3

    season 4

    apparently there's gonna be a US remake, planned to debut in late 2018 and set to air on facebook's new (?) "facebook watch" video platform, which fucking sucks cuz fuck facebook. it's gonna be set in austin, TX and i've heard they've just started casting (real high school-aged teenagers, hopefully, to up the realism). i really hope it's good, but i can't imagine the remake being better than the original. at least the writer/director of the original, julie andem, is on board.

    what was/is cool about skam is not only the level of realism, relatability and likeability of the characters, but the unique format in which new clips were released, as short clips in "real time" on social media. these clips were then edited into tv-length episodes and aired on tv (and that's how i'm watching the show, since i stumbled upon skam when it was already wrapped up).

    i've read that they didn't do much to advertise skam and it mostly became popular through word of mouth. it's got an international cult following and you can find the show online, translated by fans into different languages. that's not legal, but hey. i found links to stream the show via google search.

    i'm in the middle of the 4th season now. there hasn't been a "bad season" really, but the 2nd so far is my least favorite. the 3rd is most definitely the best.

    i might have to get back on facebook just to keep up with the remake, which sucks.

    if anybody's watching this, discuss!

    do you have a favorite season? favorite character? what's your favorite aspect of the show? what do you think about the US version being set in austin?
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    i just finished skam and cried a lot.

    the writing is so intelligent, never talking down to the audience or "explaining" what's going on. the actors are also brilliant. their chemistry is so genuine.

    it's such a bummer that the show ended at a point where, personally, i felt it was beginning to mature.

    end of season 4, SPOILERS AHEAD:

    Spoiler: x
    + the vilde segment was unexpected but for me it was one of the most moving. starting from season 1 you can sorta tell something's going on with her but her issues were handled with such subtlety. it makes a lot of sense in retrospect that in order to be "respectful" to the character who copes by putting on a facade, we're not allowed to see her home life at any point before we finally do at the end of the show. this brings to mind one thing skam did brilliantly, which was avoid feeling voyeuristic in any way, despite some of the heavy stuff the characters were dealing with.

    seeing a slice of her home life, the conversation with chris at the eid party (where she says something about how it's enough to "pretend") and the part when she was at home looking through the piles of papers really got me. those quiet moments are really fuckin real.

    + sana and yousef, ugh. it brings you back to that age when you think the uncertainty and bittersweetness of life (love) will kill you.

    + it was really smart how the ending with jonas giving the speech brought everything back to the opening of the show in season 1.

    idk, i have a lot of thoughts but it's not so satisfying talking to myself.
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