Tanith Lee is (was) a so-so writer. Highly prolific, hit or miss.

However, one book of hers in particular seems increasingly relevant to me: Don't Bite the Sun. It has a lot in common with Brave New World in that it's a hedonistic dystopia. Don't Bite the Sun is more far-fetched in terms of technology, but I think it hits much closer to home in terms of tone.

Don't Bite the Sun is a 1976 science fiction novel by Tanith Lee set in a utopian world which the main character comes to reject. The main character and her friends are wild, crazy "Jang" teenagers whose lifestyle is full of reckless behaviour, promiscuous sex, repeated suicide (on dying they are reborn), and a constant search for thrills.
And, actually, it was another book of hers, Silver Metal Lover, that I always rememebr when I think of Facebook. I don't remember the mechanism, but there are these groups of friends whose communication is heavily mediated through technology. At one point, fed up with everything, the main character officially cuts herself out of her circle of friends, and her former friends are horrified.