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Thread: Homeschooling

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    my anecdote.

    my ex was homeschooled and doesn't know when to stfu. he is a raging narcissist, and I suspect a lot of it had to do with him being homeschooled. he doesn't know how to take turns when having a conversation, and requires boatloads of external validation constantly. he has zero self awareness. he is very smart and well read, but is a menace to society

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    Quote Originally Posted by mara View Post
    yes but vaccinations ARE a factor for why some people homeschool

    so in australia they are coercing parents to vaccinate their children because they are withholding welfare if they don't
    they withhold welfare in Florida too for not vaccinating

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky balbotox View Post
    they withhold welfare in Florida too for not vaccinating
    and in australia

    they really want those poor people to be poisoned....i mean 'vaccinated'...

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