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Thread: North Korean Uni. in Japan?

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    North Korean Uni. in Japan?

    I discovered this video today while researching Zainichi Koreans...

    Apparently, there are over 200 schools ranging from elementary to high school throughout Japan that are funded by the North Korean government with the purpose of educating Koreans residing in Japan. They teach based on Juche or North Korean ideology - pictures of the leaders in classrooms and everything - and it's just a bit baffling and ironic to see this in Japan. The schools, however, aren't officially recognized by the Japanese government.

    Also, I lost it at: "Here's a horse-deer. It is said that there are only seven of them in the world."
    What makes it extra hilarious is how the Japanese word baka meaning "fool" or "idiot" is written as 馬鹿 or literally "horse-deer".


    Pedin i phith in anÝron, a nin ˙-cheniog.
    Kup tar-tor n'zhitlar ik istau - eh ri ken-tor du nash-veh.
    Sa's drisa tonabhiala tomu˝ s'eph de'imal'il, sa se lodhe togal'n.
    B'lir inus vorbilim bi mek inus, hiam gi b'ek ilimlimr.

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    North Korea is peculiar but not quite the way we think. We're fed a lot of propaganda.

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    Though it seems interesting that Japan has no desire to officially recognize the NK/DPRK ('TRUE KOREA!' *Deer-Horse whipped*) schools, it seems evident that DPRK is using this in hopes that North Korean defectors don't turn away from TRUE KOREA(!)*

    I was actually impressed by their documentary on the usa

    I also prefer Russian Times to our own news (it might be because Abby Martin turned me onto it.)

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