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Thread: Net neutrality

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    Sad too read that it's partisan with dems being on the right side. Tipper Gore notwithstanding.
    You guys on the right were doing so well, with the free speech defense and anti-safe spaces bullshit, but you've gone and jumped the shark on this one and I feel strongly about it, having been online since before the 3dubya was invented with my hacking and phreaking BBS with my wet look hair gel and shirt buttoned up to the top and bedroom homebrew pressure barrel.

    Fucking greedy ISP/media ties.
    Fucking AT&T cozy affair. I used to work at the death star and the force of the gravy train is strong there. I think I literally did have eight managers...Bob.
    Disown ISPs (assuming they aren't in their lobbyist ensured favored habitat of the monopoly provider in your region) that will sell your data and monitor your traffic without permission, or a warrant.

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    I don't know if this data is good and I'm too lazy to find out.

    I dumped Verizon a few years ago but dumping Comcast is not so easy.

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    Theres a silver lining here, I'm kind of excited for decentralized civilian internets making a comeback, but on the other hand I'm a little afraid of being arrested by the internet police.
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